Friday, April 18, 2008

The Perfect Choice

So I went and got sick and the world has passed me by. That is how I feel. LOL! So today I have been playing a little bit of catch up on blogs and message boards. When I came upon this I swear my hands started shaking and my feet started tapping. I am so excited I can barely breathe. My friend, Greta, has just won a DT position with A Million Memories. Check out the amazing layouts she created and you will surely see what I have seen for months - PURE TALENT AND CREATIVITY. Congratulations Greta! I am proud of you for submitting your work. I must say one of the hardest steps to take. The layouts you did are stellar and I feel those at AMM made the perfect choice. YIPPEE!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Hey Ho!

This is the layout I did for the All Moments Remembered survivor challenge. Alas, I have not survived. Well, in the challenge anyway. LOL! I had such a great time doing this challenge. The layout is a bit out of my normal vein of creating, so this challenge made me think. Gotta love that. The competitors' work was stellar and you will have to keep checking them out as time goes by. Next week's challenge is Island Color Challenge. Now that would have thrown me for a loop. I am excited to see what the survivors come up with.
Justem (Em) is one of those survivors. VERY excited about that. Woohoo!
EDIT: And another survivor, Elizabeth (Cutepumpkin at SC). Doubly excited that two SC-ers advanced. Oh yeah!

Survivor Challenge at All Moments Remembered

All Moments Remembered is having a Survivor Challenge as we speak. Check out all the great layouts here, especially #38 Justem. Em's layout is stellar. Great photo. Great design. I'm in there, too. The layout is OK. I had to admit to liking the Ramones, which I am not embarrassed about. Mine is #28. I've seen the Ramones in concert a couple of times. Once in NYC where I almost got sucked up into a mosh pit and lost forever. The other time in Milwaukee. My friend, Jenny, and I drove 5 1/2 hours there and 5 1/2 hours back in one day for that one. That was when we were dumb and young. It was worth it. It was also before I believed in carrying a camera with me 24/7. Missed a lot of blackmail shots. :o)
Sorry about posting no photos. According to the rules (and everyone knows I am a stickler for rules...yeah right), no posting of layouts is allowed until voted off.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Overfilled with Goodness of the Scrapping Kind

Is there anything better than receiving a box full of scrapping supplies, which you didn't order? That's what happened to me yesterday! Through Studio Calico I participated in a swap. All the participants were paired up and given a survey on the likes, wants, needs, etc. of their partner. I was paired up with Jacquie, who not only is a former Minnesotan, but is also an extremely talented scrapper and photographer. Follow these links to check out her blog: The Big Reveal and her gallery at SC.
That delivered box was from Jacquie and I can't contain my excitement. Eeeeek! Look at what's below. I needed to take multiple photos to show everything that she had fit into that box. There is nothing in this box that I have already. The box had tons of items I have been oogling and wanting to buy. There are items in this box that I have never seen before and I am so happy she bought them for me, because I have been missing out. case you can't tell...I am absolutely thrilled, floored and amazed. Jacquie, from the bottom, top, middle and sides of my heart I thank you for the time and effort you put into your selections for me. I am very grateful. :o)