Monday, April 27, 2009

Bit o' Challenges

In "honor" of National Scrapbook Day, it is challenge time at Studio Calico. What this means is that all the members of the DT are posting challenges on their blogs. Best of all...there are prizes. Good prizes, like SC kits and stamp sets. That got me a bit motivated. Well, a lot motivated. So here goes:
The above layout was done for Jenn's fabric challenge. It also fits Stephanie's vintage/old challenge, but I am still going to try to do something original for Stephanie's. The fabric is all fat quarters bought at JoAnne's for $1. The old part is the Making Memories' rub ons, circa 2003 I believe. Now that is old. Pfft. LOL!

This is my March layout for Dav's 365 challenge. I was late finishing it for that challenge. However, since it has stitching, it fits her hand sewing challenge. I have no idea how I did that - fit one layout into two of her challenges. I guess I am just talented in that way. Right. Not.

Finally, this is for Joy's Cute challenge. Luckily, I just had a little bundle of cuteness enter my life. Those little hippos would not have been cute on a layout about me. Honestly, it would have drawn attention to my behind, which is NOT cute and yet I do nothing about it. Aye yi yi.

So rush on over to Studio Calico and blog hop your way through the challenges. Here's a link to the challenge list: Studio Calico Blog. Now if you win any of the prizes and I was the reason you did them, do not tell me about it. I like to spread the joy, but snapping a prize away from me is another story.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Something Old, New, Borrowed and Blue

Mmmm....looks good. After an awesome weekend, I arrived at work and had to deal with people with bad attitudes. So I deserve this and dreamed all day long of the moment I could kick back and scarf it down. I even skipped lunch to allow for the calories. Snack time finally arrived. I excitedly ripped off the tin foil only to find it really just looks good on a fork. Duh...what was I thinking. It's almost a week old. If I dropped it on the floor, I am sure it would bounce and then snap into a million little pieces. OH WELL. I am sure there is some candy around here somewhere. Of course, it is most likely leftover from Christmas. Sigh. Something seems to be working against me. Well, perhaps something is working for me? Yippee.

OK...enough whining and on to good things.
The new BASB challenge is now posted. It's La Verne's anniversary and she is challenging all to create a layout using all of the following: Something new, old, borrowed and blue. Here's how I did mine:

  • Something Old: Old photo (not vintage, but from last summer) and the person doing the layout is kind of old...especially on Mondays.
  • Something New: Fiskar's Upper Crest Board Punch (Thanks Davinie!)
  • Something Borrowed: Sketch Lines 130
  • Something Blue: That's pretty apparent.

Sorry about the bad photo. It's raining here. While I love rain, it does put a damper on photographing one's layouts. I will try re-posting a better photo later. Anyway...see the little girl in the photo? Not my blonde niece. The other cutie. Doesn't she remind you of Pippi Longstocking? You know this girl:

That's because she is Pippi. True.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Finally...She Scraps

Just a quick little entry today with layouts I did this past week. I have gotten to thinking that I talk way too much with my posting. I should just show the stuff and zip my lips (or tie my hands up since that seems more appropriate). I hope that's possible. I'll try anyway. Here goes.

The above was done for the recently posted BASB challenge. Use stamps. No pattern paper. You can check out the challenge here: Hope you have a chance to join in! It was overwhelming for me at first, but I like the finished product.

Underwater World was done for the Sketch challenge at Studio Calico. Fun challenge. I haven't tried a lot of sketches and found I loved doing it. Those sea horse charms have been in my collection, since I started scrapping twelve years ago. Can you say pack rat? So true.
Below is another challenge that was posted at Studio Calico. Complete a layout and use the scraps to make a card. Kristii and Waleska both had layouts using the "building" paper and both blew me away. Without them I would have tossed the paper aside. Not because I don't like the paper, but because it scared me.

Lastly, just a layout I threw together. Nothing too spectacular, but I love the yellow and "teal" together. Plus it has been cloudy and grey here and I needed to work on something springy.

I seemed to have gotten through without blabbing too much. But boy is it boring. Hope you stayed awake through it. Next time I will figure out how to write less and add humor. Not now though. There is a birthday party waiting for me at home. :o)