Monday, February 28, 2011

Europe or Bust without Me

Does it even seem fair that a godson much younger than I would get to go to Europe before I have even set foot out of the country? I think not, but they - him and his girlfriend - didn't seem to care. They had just graduated from college a semester early.  The time was now, so they left without a glance back and had a blast for two weeks.  While gone, they emailed and posted photos on Facebook. I think mainly to taunt me. His mom had a great idea.  She wanted to make a mini album for them and have it ready the day they arrived home. Did I mention she claims that she is not a scrapper? Well, a tiny bit of her is, but she is resisting.  To keep her calm I call her an archivist. and put her in charge of cropping and printing photos. As of now, she has no idea that archivist means scrapbooker.  HA! So we lived vicariously through their photos and made the following:

Lots of blank room for them to journal and add more photos.  I could have made up stories, but that kind of goes against the law of being an archivist. They loved it. I used up lots of old supplies and got to spend a large amount of time with my friend.  Scrapbooking has it's moments.  This was one of the best.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Do You Need a Life to Do Project Life? you?  Because so far, I am realizing my life during winter is far too depleted of dancing men and cabana boys.  Sigh.  Pretty mundane.  Need proof?  Well, when broken down, today consisted of three hours of shoveling snow, a bit over one hour driving through snow and approximately twelve hours of wishing and praying for a snow day.  Exciting, right?  Not really. is my Project Life layouts for week one.  As usual, I am a step behind, but I keep on keeping on and that is all that matters.  At least that is what I tell myself. Summer will definitely be more exciting when I bring out the cabana boys.  The hiring process begins soon.  Mmmmm.

I will admit I have no clue if I am even doing this as Becky intended the project to go.  I read up on it minimally, but oh well.  I just want to show my life and that is how I am doing it.  It's for me and whoever gets a hold of my album after I am gone won't have a clue who Becky Higgins is or was and wouldn't care in the least anyway.  Sorry Becky.  Most people think scrappers are weirdos that like to sniff paper and glue.  The proverbial paste eating nerds from elementary school.  They're absolutely wrong.  That is for sure, but there is no way to change their cro-magnon man way of thinking.  My apologies to my family.  HA!  ;o)

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, February 14, 2011


Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope it is full of fun, love and peace.
And maybe a little bit of robotic dancing, too.
Notice I didn't say erotic dancing, but what ever floats your boat.  ;o)

** Card idea is not my original creation.  I saw it in a magazine a couple of months ago.  
Unfortunately I don't remember which magazine and who the designer was. 
I am thinking it might have been Scrapbooks Etc.  Yikes!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Let's Put This to Bed.

As promised, the remainder of my December Daily.  I actually had this blog entry completed  five days ago.  I also thought I had posted it, but it seems that you have to hit the "publish post" button for others to see it.  How long have I been blogging? it is now and that is all that matters.  

I am elated the December Daily is done.  Maybe I can now work on something else.  It's crazy, but it seems at the age of "Yikes" I have attained a one track mind.  When I was twenty I laughed at people displaying this trait.  I am now the butt of my former younger self's joke.  Lovely. Without further December Daily:

Day 15:  Office party.  I see I forgot the journaling. It will say something like: everyone got food poisoning, except for me.  Must have been the chili.

Day 16:  Hidden Journaling under photo flap about trying to up the ante on wrapping presents and not waiting to the last minute to wrap.  Basically a fail.  I once again threw gifts into bags the last day.

Day 17:  Shopping with my sister and Em.  Usual trip to Southdale, minus sitting on Santa's lap.  Em is a believer.  A scaredy cat believer.

Day 18:  My sister's birthday.  Em and I used my sister's new gift to make birthday doughnuts. We had a doughnut machine growing up, so the gift was one of those gifts you give when you get old and want to revert back to childhood.  It worked for the 30 seconds it took to scarf a few doughnuts. We are now back at old.

Day 19:  Treats at Sonic. Is it wrong to sit at a car hop stall with your car running due to it being 15 degrees?  Not sure this Sonic concept works well in frigid Minnesota.  LOL

Day 20:  More snow and nothing exciting going on. A side note:  Those Studio Calico veneer circles are awesome.  Wish I had more, like a thousand of them.  I would stick them to a wall in my house.  A great conversation art piece.  Pretty sure the cost would be prohibitive to do a whole wall.  Dang.

Day 21:  Shopping for myself.  As it should be. Not.  I seem to be 10 again and giggle every time I take a photo of this scrapbook store's sign.  Crap....

Day 22:  More food....a stop at Caribou.  I loved Starbucks salted caramel hot chocolate, but I have to say Caribou has better cups, especially for photographing them for scrap pages.

Day 23:  Making ornaments with Jacky.  Fun day.  I could spend every day with him.  Wish I could. It seems I may have gotten the scrapbook/crafty buddy I have always wanted.  Well, at least for once a year.

Day 24:  Christmas Eve.  Yes, I forced every one of my guests to sport a blinking Rudolph nose.  They wanted to eat and open presents, so basically they had no other option.  I'm mean like that.  ;o)

Day 25:  Christmas Day Eve at my aunt and uncles. Don't even remind me about my losing at cards.  It's hard to play seriously when there is a three year old under the table wanting to play hide and go seek with you.  OK...I only lost $2, but still.  ;o)

Day 26:  Playing with new toys. I think there was a trip to Caribou, too.  But it would have been too embarrassing to do another hot chocolate page.

Day 27:  An ugly ugly  ugly page.  Filler page on making ornaments after Christmas was over and after that page was done realizing I had dropped gifts off at my friend's house, which deserved more importance than making after the fact ornaments.

Day 28:  OK....never say never.  Another Caribou page, because nothing else was happening and I found cool napkins.  The Caribou designers are awesome.  They have the best cups and napkins.  I will rip, but whatever. It's all about the moment.

Day 29:  A trip to the Mall of America.  I'm not crazy about this page.  Too busy, but by this point I just wanted to get it done.

 Day 30:  Dave and Jack visit me at work.  Yeehah!

Day 31:  New Year's Eve.  Fondue anyone?  I forgot to list that we also broke into my sister's neighbor's house and pranked him.  He was in Pittsburgh.  We placed buckets all over his house, photographed it and then posted them on Facebook with a comment that all was being taken care of and not to worry.  Anyone need a house sitter?  Poor Doug.  The year before we had tp-ed his truck and a month before that we left a duct taped girl on his front steps.  That sounds kind of Criminal Mind-ish.  She was  alive and is a friend./honorary sister  He liked it.  He invited us in to pole dance.  Life is good. 
 The End.  Whew and thank God.

And as if this wasn't enough, I recently promised to do the Project Life challenge.  A photo and tiny layout per day.  HA HA HA.  I am already a month behind.

Thanks for stopping by and making it through this long ramble.  Especially thank you for putting up with my pole dancing talk.  Yikes.