Thursday, July 31, 2008


I was a bit embarrassed to post this layout, but I like it. It's very simple. Slap on a ribbon (Thanks Cindy) and layer paper. Done! Well, I did use a Cricut machine for the title and had to think when I was setting that up, so it wasn't 100% easy. is what it is...a fast and simple layout with one of my favorite subjects. No...not me. Although, truly, I am one one of my favorite subjects. UGH...did I just say that?

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Looking Hot

I did this layout at my cousin's house last weekend. It seems the only time I can do any scrapping is at her house, so I am thinking of moving in with her. She has a massive scrapbook room in her basement and a twin bed. Hmmm...I could roll out of bed whenever I am hit with a jolt of mojo. That would be heaven. But reality and my mortgage payment reminds me that I own a home that has a small scrap area. I should at least attempt to make one layout there to justify the use of space or replace it with a recliner, which I would use much more often.

Monday, July 28, 2008

So Silly

So Silly...I use that phrase every time I am around Nick. He is silly. He likes to tease. He is always up to something. But since he is eleven I know his silly stage may end soon and be replaced by...what I call...THE TEEN. The serious, you are so embarrassing and you have got to be kidding stage. I've seen it happen numerous times with my friend's kids and neighbor kids. Maybe it won't happen this time. Right?

Monday, July 21, 2008

Circle Journal: My Simple Pleasures

Here is my entry for Amy's circle journal. Amy's theme was simple pleasures and I hope I did it justice. I could have gone on forever about how great my life is and how lucky I am to have so many simple pleasures. However, when it comes down to it...they all mean nothing without these five. my Ultimate 5 Simple Pleasures: Nick, Emily, Jake, Jack and Dave.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hot Summer

Just a fast (if you aren't me) and simple layout to prove that I did something this weekend. Well, it was started last weekend at my cousin's house and finished today. I guess that would not qualify for fast, but I added the qualifier so all is out in the open. Have a happy and peaceful Sunday!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

You Are Such A Deer

Nick would roll his eyes if he read that title. Such a deer. LOL! No eleven year old boy wants to hear he is dear....even if they are. So anyway...can I say that the Prima Felt Matties are fabulous. I wasn't so sure I would know how to use them. Then I decided did it really matter? Just slap that sucker down and call it art. Sometimes I think too much. I am giving that up. Just found a great idea on Studio Calico that I cannot wait to try. Die cutting Hambly transparencies. I have tried to punch them without any luck. Tonight I am going to use my little machine that I can't remember the name of. Sizzix?? Sidekick?? Obviously that machine has seen a lot of use lately...not.

Jump for Joy

Egad...she did another one. Golly, I may just have to give up my title of Head Hoarder of Scrap Supplies. I know what you are thinking - there she goes with giving herself titles again. Weird, but whatever. I used last months Studio Calico kit. Love it. Why did I wait so long to use it? Used pink on Emily's layout. The girl is going to be spitting mad. She hates pink, but then she wears it all the time. I can't figure out if she just says she hates it or really does. She's five. It really doesn't matter. I am still the boss. Yeah...repeat that and maybe it will come true. I am the boss....I am the boss....

Monday, July 14, 2008

She Still Scrapbooks, Right?

Well, yeah...I think I still scrap. :o) To prove it I actually went to a crop at my cousin Cindy's house on Saturday night. I had a lot of fun and actually put together five single page layouts. Pretty extraordinary for me, a.k.a. THE SLOWEST SCRAPPER on EARTH. Well, if you are going to have a title it might as well be a top-rank title with an -est ending. I strive for those titles whether it is good or bad. ;o) Anyway...I finished it up this morning just for you. Well, more for Jake, but he'll share.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Got Style?

A few weeks ago there was a thread on the message board at Studio Calico that asked everybody to describe their style. At the time I was stumped. I never thought of myself having a style. I just put things on paper and played with it until my disgust was at a tolerable level. Well...that is being a bit dramatic, but I think you understand what I am saying. Part of me doesn't want to know if I do have a style. I hate containment. However, I will say that, since reading the thread, I have noticed that I do tend to do a style. It irks me that I do. LOL! Due to the irksome nature, I am putting a disclaimer on this and that is "at this time". So at this time my style is fast and simple. Clean lines. Open space. Always including a triangle of elements. OK...get me out of this box right now. Someone teach me how to layer!