Wednesday, June 22, 2011

{Almost} Wordless Wednesday

Just a few words to keep with the wordless theme around blogland of late. I'm currently addicted to Pinterest.  I spend too much time pinning and no time making. Until last night. Then I said enough was enough.


The wreath was a pain in the behind, but I like. Happy Wednesday!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Project Life Update

Someone should have warned me this was a bad idea.  Project Life that is.  I am currently two months behind on creating layouts.  I no longer remember how to scrap anything larger than the size of my face, which as some might believe is NOT larger than a sheet of  8.5x11 cardstock.  That would be my ego size.  Kidding. Kind of. From making itty bitty layouts my scrap collection never diminishes.  It (and I) will soon be documented on the new show, Scrap Hoarders.  You'll recognize me as the client that refuses to let go of her collection of Paperkins and tells the therapist what he can do with his theory on my attachment to them. No one gets between me and my 'kins. Anyway, this is Denise as usual.  Always a step behind. I'm really not complaining.  Well, maybe I am, but in a "I love my adhesive" fetish kind of way.  You love to hate it, but it sticks with you.  Pun intended.  

So here's some PL layouts, because Briana told me to update: 

There you have it.  I have to say I am a mildly sarcastic person.  On this blog it really comes out a lot stronger than in real life.  So in all seriousness, working on the PL has actually been a lot of fun.  With it now being June I enjoyed photographing the ones above and seeing what happened a few months back.  It's a nice reminder, especially since I have seemed to have hit the age when I can't remember what I did a minute ago.  Yikes.