Saturday, September 10, 2011

Walking a Hamster

This girl needs a dog. She's been begging for one for over a year.  The only problem is she had a loaner dog for a day to see how it would work.  She failed. Not totally.  Just enough to say it's just not the right time. I mean saying your are going to scoop poop and doing it are two different things.  It grossed her out.  It grossed me out.  That's a big part of having a dog in my opinion, so the timing is off. She did; however, pass the walking the dog test.  She walked Loaner so much that when he went home he slept for two days. I think my friend was worried we killed him by exercise.  Note to self:  No more loaners. In all seriousness she will get her dog, but for now she has her hamster.  How pathetic is that? But she tries to make the best of it.  She loves that little ball of a rodent.  Holds it incessantly.  Feeds him.  Rearranges his home to keep his life interesting.  However, when I walked outside one day and saw her slowly walking behind him in his little rolling ball up the middle of the street, I just about wet my pants.  The neighbors are now all on her side for getting a dog. She knows how to work it.


The layout was created using the August Studio Calico kit. I made a goal to use up the kit before September's arrived.  I ended up "killing" July and August's kits in one month.  Miracles do happen I guess.  So in that way of thinking I guess it means that someday soon the girl will get her dog. I hope so. 

Sunday, September 4, 2011

High School Apprehension

Let's be clear about the title of this blog post.  It's my apprehension - not the boy's.  So I'm going to vent.  He seems so calm and well, not me.  He's going to the high school I graduated from a million years ago.  I vied for him to go there and while vying for it I could remember only the good.  Months later and the closer we get to first day I am reminded of the bad - the cliques, jock hall, snowball fights in the hall.....  Uhhh...wait.  That was me and that was fun. His first years of school have been protective.  He went to a small public charter school, which only went to eighth grade.  Then he had a choice of other charter and public schools.  The Jaguar school was chosen.  It's so much larger than where he was and that is why I worry.  He's quiet.  I hope the school doesn't swallow him alive.  In reality I know it won't, but for now I will worry.  I will worry until he graduates and then I will continue to worry about his brother and sister.  I hope with all this worrying I can forget to eat, because right now sitting at this computer this is the only plus I could see coming from my worry.  That would make it totally worth it.  So here's a layout I did to commemorate the moving on to high school.  I have no idea how a photo of Nick with his head under the water came out being a tribute to high school starting, but here it is:

I really need to add wording under the title.  I'm thinking of "But I will Have Trouble".  For now I want him to keep thinking there is nothing to worry about.  He's been playing soccer with the high school team all summer, so he has had a taste of being a Jaguar.  Like I's my apprehension.  I refuse to let him know there is even a reason for apprehension.  He can see the layout when he graduates.  HA!