Monday, March 22, 2010

BASB Challenge: Use Repetition

A new BASB challenge is up and running. This time Liz is hosting and her idea is to use repetition in a layout. Even though I suffer from no-mojo-itis I found just enough creativity to eke out the layout above. Baby J is no longer a baby. He turned one this past weekend. Right after I finished the layout he had run ins with multiple little friends at his birthday party and bit them all. Maybe he is Born for Trouble afterall. Nah....he just has new teeth and likes to use them. ;o)

It seems I am born for trouble, too. While working on the layout, an idea popped into my head and I was so excited. Ideas popping into my head is a rarity it seems. HA! Waleska and I both own the i-top Brad making tool, which is a fun tool for it's intended use of making custom brads. However, I finally bought the punch that goes with it. This one:
My grand idea was using it in an alternative way. See the flowers in the layout? That's what I got excited about. Well, I rushed over to Waleska's blog to tell her and guess what I found? THIS. I am pretty sure I saw her layout and stole her idea subliminally. I don't remember this happening, but me coming up with a new and original ideas is a rarity. Yep...pretty sure I saw her layout and stole the idea from her and then tried to make it my own. So before I make a zillion dollars off of this, I must credit her, because the law is you give credit where credit is due. It's all about integrity, People. :o)

Hope you can join in on the repetition challenge. For more information and to see Liz's layouts, check out BASB Challenge: Use Repetition.