Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Project Life: Finishing January

I knew when I bought that Martha Stewart blood drop border punch I would use if for something other than a forensic report.  I did; however, think it would be more of a Halloween usage than one about winter, but it seems it can almost pass for icicles.  Well, if you squint with one eye and yell Martha as you hold your head at a 45 degree angle.  Just try it and see. I'll wait here. Yeah.....now that I have "weirded" out any new "blood "from reading this blog, let's get down to business.  Project Life is still living.  Albeit slow as stated in previous posts, but still happening.  Here's the remainder of January:  


I know.....how in the word do I keep up with this crazy life?  I admit it's fairly hard, but I am super organized and have a staff of 300 - just like Martha.  OK.  Enough.  let's end this.  I do want to say one thing.  While it seems that I only take photos of things I do with Emily, it's not true.  Well, it is, but I can't help it and I am not showing favoritism.  Nick and Jake are now teens and want nothing to do with me.  GaspSighShock. Not even when I bribe them with food, money, XBoxes and promises that, if they are lucky, they can take care of me for the rest of their lives. I just don't get it. Who wouldn't want that?