Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Three Layouts in Two Months.....Impressive.

Two months can sure fly by when you have your eyes closed and your mind blank. I've been in a non-scrap funk. I think the funk was brought on by winter. Winter is a bore. Well, mostly. It does have a few highlights, such as the water heater turning off every time the temperatures plummet to below zero. haven't truly experienced the feeling of being awake until you take a shower with freezing cold water in the middle of winter. Imagine doing that four times in two weeks. Don't think I am being lazy and not fixing it. I have tried and it's fixable in two ways: 1) buy an electric water heater, which requires electrical work; or 2) reconfigure the ductwork in the house. Yeahhhhh...for now I will take cold showers. Hopefully the jolt of cold will re-awaken any scrap creativity I had. Hopefully.

For those interested, BASB has a challenge up and running. Basically create a girly layout. Easy Peasy. This is in honor of Diana, who just had the most beautiful baby. Deadline is midnight on the 31st of January. Hope you can join in on the fun.

Below are a few layouts I put together recently. The top layout is for the current BASB challenge. I left the photo and journaling blank as I will be sending this (along with the other two in this posting) to Diana. She will use these as she wishes.

Sketch: Sunday Sketch by Davinie for Studio Calico.

Thanks for stopping by. I need a good kick in the behind to get me thinking creatively again. If you happen to be in Minnesota and are a good kicker, let me know. ;o)