Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Specifically...It's a Tree.

Today just a quick project that I worked on this week. It's a tree. You have to love that description, but it is what it is. I guess I should take the advise that I just gave the new security guard where I work, which was I need more specifics on your log...not just I walked. LOL! So this is the Kaiser Craft wooden tree. All I had to do was slap some pattern paper and embellishments on it. Loop some jump rings through the holes. Dig up an embarrassing photo of NJE (sorry Nick) and woo hoo life is swell. In regard to the photo, it is true, I am one of those aunts. Quick kids just throw on these elf-eared hats and I will buy you a pony. They didn't get the pony, but I am sure they got something almost as my eternal love. Nah...that wouldn't cut it. It had to be something Pokemon.
A close up to prove that for once I layered. Not just one layer...I did two. That will never happen again. Not that it was overly strenuous or anything. I am just too lazy for that much detail. So did it...done it...over it. Last, but not least, a birthday card for my friend's daughter. I used the Slice on this. Overall, I like it. A few minor things irk me, but not enough to turn me against using it.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Wrapping Things Up

I woke up with an idea in my head. Sometimes the ideas I wake up with in the AM are not that great, such as the time I woke up and decided I didn't need to work anymore. Half way into that day I realized the error of my way. Showed up to work around 1:00 and declared my temporary retirement was over. Luckily, no one had picked up the voice mail as that is normally my job. Sure I was still employed, but a bit sad no one knew I was living on the edge. Whatever. I digress. This morning's idea seemed safe enough, so off I went. The above used to be packaging that held Crate Paper chipboard letters. Covered it in some Fa La La paper and a poinsettia I received from Anne as a RAK and voila! There you have it...a covered container. So I'm new to this re-purposing thing. It started out as a container to hold a mini-Christmas tree. What was I thinking? That ended up looking like a palm tree in a thimble. Not one to give up. It is now a gift card holder. Tomorrow it may be something else. on the edge the Denise way can be pretty exciting....or not.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Halloween Layouts, Part 2

Halloween layouts part 2. It is almost over. However, I just realized I still have to do a layout for my niece's album. Sigh. Well, maybe not. She pretty much refused to pose for any photos, while in her costume. That is what I get for asking for a pose. Have I learned nothing? Guess not.
First layout is about Jake. He was in a fantastic mood on Halloween. Usually serious...the main photo pretty much shows what he was like...all night long. :o) Second layout, has hidden journaling. I love hidden. This layout is for Nick. His first year choosing a scary costume. Well, scary, but not too scary as he refused the offer of the Scream mask with streaming action blood. Ick...I don't blame him. Third layout is all mine. Just a little reminder of halloween items I encountered during the season. Fun. No journaling. I plan on having a perfect memory when I am 102 years old. Riiiight.

So that's it for the scary season. Bring on the turkeys. Hmmm...maybe the season of scares isn't over afterall. Turkeys can be pretty frightening. They can gobble you up. Oh...that was bad.

Monday, November 17, 2008

BASB Challenge 2: Shop your Stash

The second challenge is now posted for BASB. Dawn, has come up with a fun challenge. Because we all love kit clubs, she has made a challenge that you shop your own stash of scrap supplies and put together a kit. After that create stuff. Post on the BASB Flickr page or link your kit/project to the blog thread for a chance to win an awesome RAK. Deadline is midnight of December 1st.
Below is my shopping spree results. I put together Bazzill, Cosmo Cricket, Collage Press, Creative imaginations, Hambly, Stampin' Up and Making Memories.
These are the items I made. I will admit making the stamp set fit in was hard. I should have picked a alphabet stamp set instead, but I am happy with the outcome.

A layout of my niece enjoying a jump in the leaves. When she saw this photo she said she said she didn't like it and I should stop taking photos of her. She's six. What can you expect. LOL!
A card. I thought it could contain a happy fall or thinking of you greeting. I guess it could also say Leaf Me Alone, but that isn't a nice way to be. How about a I've FALLen for You? Whatever...for now it is blank.
A gift tag. No greeting need, except for a To and From. Easy...that's me.
Thanks for stopping by! Hope you liked what I came up with and decide to give this challenge a whirl. It was a lot of fun and helped me get rid of a bit of my overload of scrap supplies. Have a glorious Tuesday!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Halloween Layouts, Part 1

Just when you think Halloween is behind you...I bring it back to life. This past weekend I blasted through all my Halloween photos, so lucky you will get to see a couple more scary layouts throughout the week. Well, unless you choose to take this as a warning and avoid this place. :o)
Well, other than that there is nothing too exciting happening here to report. I could make up stuff just to impress you, but my family reads this and they would call me out. Dang family.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Circle Journal: Layout for Anilu

Well, one circle journal down and another to go for this month. The layout above was for my friend, Anilu's, journal. Her circle journal is amazingly beautiful and every layout added is gorgeous, so I felt a lot of pressure to keep up "the good". I hope I did a worthy job. :o)

Other than that there is not much to mention. Made it to another weekend and all I can say yippee-ki-yi-ay. I hope your weekend is jam packed with whatever you wish it to be jam packed with. Enjoy!

Monday, November 10, 2008

When You Miss a Make and Take...You Take.

I went to Archiver's on Sunday and thought I would be in time to participate in some of their make and takes. I really liked their $10 Clear Frame one, but, as usual, I missed out by a moment or thirty. So what do you do when you miss a make and take you really wanted to do? You harrass the employees into giving up their secrets. Well, I don't harrass. I whine. Actually, I did neither. They were just nice enough to let me know how to do it and I will share it with you.
The ornaments and frame above are my take on their project. The Archiver's project was much larger. An example is no longer on their website, but if you live near an Archiver's you can run in and take a peek at the one they have on display. While looking at theirs, I came up with the idea of making smaller ones and using them as ornaments for the tree.
They are pretty self-explanatory, but here are some tips to get you started. You will need a photo sized to fit, a scrap of pattern paper, ribbon, thread/floss for the ornaments, a sheet of Wonder Tape, rub-ons and other embellishments and an acrylic stamp block. Yes, you heard me right. The whole she-bang is put together using a stamp block. Like these:

The ones I did measure 1.5" x 1.5" and 2" x 3" and I found them in the $1.99 bins at Archiver's, but you can find them anywhere even at Target. I mentioned earlier that they made larger frames. Well, you can use any size stamp block you want. Just scale your photo and paper to the block size. I used what I had on hand to make these and realized that I needed sheets of Wonder Tape to make it correctly. Supposedly you can stick the sheets of Wonder Tape right over the photo and then adhere it to the back of the block and it should still be clear. Since I didn't have the sheets of Wonder Tape, but instead had the 1/4" Wonder Tape on a roll, I strategically placed little of pieces of the tape onto the corners of the pattern paper and then adhered it to the back of the acrylic block. Then upon decorating I hid where it showed with rub-ons and embellishments.
That should get you started. Just remember the photo is adhered on top of the pattern paper and the combination is then adhered to the back of the block. I hope I haven't confused you. If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer them. I plan on purchasing sheets of the Wonder Tape tonight and try it out. I am hoping by placing it completely over the photo and pattern paper you won't see the little tape splotches. I'll let you know, if it works.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Smile...It's Waleska's Birthday!

Happy birthday, Waleska! I hope N shares his birthday week with you! If not, call me and I will sing to you. :o)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Following a Sketch

There is a sketch challenge going on at Studio Calico at the moment. Janine Langer provided the sketch and a layout, which is gorgeous. Click HERE to see her layout. This is the sketch:
This is my take.

Good lord...I stamped, punched and sewed on one layout. I just realized that. Crazy. Of course, I always do these layouts with more than one technique when I am short on time. I need to be out the door on my way to a cabin in a half hour. I hope my friends don't mind me showing up in my pajamas, crocs and crunchy hair (hair product goo hardened to scalp due to wet falling snow). I am a pretty sight, but we are meeting a bunch of hunters up at a hunting cabin and I bet I will be one of the best looking ones there. That is only because the others have been sitting in deer stands, covered in orange, sweaty clothing, since 5 a.m. I will take being the purtiest in the room; however, I can get it. Truth be told...they will still be fiercer than me, but I'm ok with that.

Monday, November 3, 2008

First Challenge for BASB

Check this out: BASB Challenge. What you just saw is the new challenge site that me and a few of my friends have started. It is still being tweaked, but it is getting closer to perfection every day. Thank you, Liz! The first challenge is led by Judi and her challenge is to create a layout/project with the theme of First. When we all started talking about starting a challenge blog one of the driving forces behind it was Aleida Franklin. The name BASB came from her and stands for Bad Ass Scrapbookers. People, who knew Aleida, are now laughing. This attitude certainly describes her perfectly. For those of you, who didn't know her, the attitude has nothing to do with being mean. Aleida accepted everyone and was a HUGE supporter of everybody in the scrapping world. The attitude is all about being who you are, playing fair, giving credit where credit is due and believing you and your creations are all that. It's a good thing. The first theme is based on Aleida's circle journal, which is FIRST. Judi couldn't have chosen a better theme to start the ball rolling.
Above is my take on the theme. Jake and I spent last Saturday together. He had the choice as to what he wanted to do on his special day. He chose going out and photographing things. This kid is after my heart. I was completely amazed with him. He has a great eye for subjects. At the age of ten, he far surpasses my photography skills. Should I be sad about this? LOL!
Whether you are a veteran challenger or have never tried a scrap challenge in your life, I hope you will try this or one of the future BASB challenges out. It will be a safe, friendly and fun community. How could it not with me there? LOL!