Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 Creative Goals and Such

Bring out the party hats.  I finished the 2012 Project Life in the nick of time.  If a month ago you would have asked if I would even finish, I would have said not a chance in purgatory.  I was months behind, burned out and doing it wrong according to the laws of Becky Higgins and other PL do-ers.  But in the last month I pushed myself, got over my feeling that doing it the way I was doing it was wrong and I caught up.  On January 1, 2012 at approximately 2:00AM, I completed the December 31 layout.  Quite a feat as I had been partaking in a few cocktails and attempting the worm dance a few hours earlier.  Note to all:  If one is over the age of 35, it's safe to say one is too old and out of shape to do the worm dance.  And to be truthful I was videoing the worm dancing. I never could do that dance.  Even when I was 18 and in relatively good shape.

My other project was the December Daily.  I'm behind, but back at it.  I'm currently up to Day 10. I hope to finish by next weekend.Here's the most recent one I photographed.  Seriously proud of this one.  It's like I revisited my earlier years' sticker sneeze layouts and reconfigured it for 2011 by using brads. Ummm....I'm being sarcastic. Not too impressed with this one, but it is done and I'm not re-doing.  Call me stubborn.

So with all the positive advance in the 2011 projects, I got cocky and said let's set goals for 2012.  What was I thinking?  So creatively for 2012 I will be:
  1. Doing Project Life again.  My way or Becky's way. I'm already a day behind.  HA!
  2. Not doing a December Daily. This will probably change on November 30th.
  3. Continuing with the Photo A Day. This will be year 4. It's no longer a challenge.  It's just life. But I would like to challenge myself to use my iPhone less and "real" camera more.
Here's the photo(s) for Day 1:
For being nine years old she is so mature.  She knows the ins and outs of Caribou; Is able to wear a messenger bag with ease. When I was her age I was still making mud pies and wearing fuzzy footed pajamas with a flap in the back.
She's mature and yet....still nine years old.  :o)
I on the other hang am immature.  Grrrrrr.....Happy 2012!