Friday, July 29, 2011

Gardening vs. Scrapping = Somethings Gotta Give

Something gotta give and it has.  For the summer scrapping is on the back burner.  I have been in a frenetic battle with weeds that grow a foot a day and japanese beetles that reproduce in masses every day. I think I might be winning.  So I feel comfortable showing a quick tour of my backyard.................

From my back door:
A scan to the left and surprisingly there's an algae free pool:

Further left shows a small garden that is a little out of hand with the ferns taking over, but for now it is acceptable:

Garden Path #1 has been weeded:
The lower hydrangea garden is looking ok.
In all honestly, not everything is perfect.  The pond needs repair and the area needs weeding.  My veggie garden should be filled with this:

But to find these you have to look through all of this:

Yeah.....the veggie garden is always a work in process.  Ever since the slacker pool installers knocked down my retaining wall to make a ramp a couple of years ago.  Last year I finally had the wall rebuilt and this was supposed to be the year of veggie redemption, but alas I fail.  The area is too large and I need to make it smaller.  Perhaps raised beds within this area. That won't happen until next year, so for now I will pretend the reason the veggies have not been over run with Japanese beetles is because the weeds are a protective barrier.  Woohoo!  

Outside of gardening E and I made the wreath below in under 15 minutes.  Looks pretty cute on the door.

Like the 4th of July wreath in the last blog post, the idea for this came from Pinterest.  Here's the link on how to make it:  Drink Umbrella Wreath.  Due to this project, E now walks around the house with an umbrella in everything she drinks.  A sign of the future? Knowing her mom probably.  Hmmmm....I better put that box of umbrellas under lock and key.  ;o)

I hope you are having a fun summer full of weedless gardens!  Thanks for stopping by.