Sunday, March 11, 2012

Originality in Jeopardy. As Always.

I took two months off from scrapping.  Purposely. I didn't seriously do it purposely.  That just makes this lapse of creativity seem artistic and not what it really was.  Burnout.  The past two weeks I have been getting back into the swing.  I've been signing up for a few challenges and that has helped put the motivation back into me.  Then came today.  I spent a lot of time thinking this is original (to me) only to find out that I'm a lifter of my own layouts.  Note to self....quit making the same layout and quit cutting out titles with the same font.  Now what to do with the third similar layout laying on my desk.  Oh least I am using up my piles of scrap supplies that have been accumulating dust.  
Layout done for Gillian's challenge of using only the main Studio Calico kit. The timing was perfect for Dave's new job and the release of The Lorax movie.  I wanted to keep the layout "adult" with a touch of Dr. Seuss.  The Crate Paper - Story Teller Legend paper, which moments before I deemed the ugliest paper ever, made the perfect Seuss trees.  Lesson learned....never diss a piece of ugly paper in public. At least before you contemplate options.

This layout was done for the 2/26/11 Sunday Sketch at Studio Calico. The photo is blurry. That's Jake.  He's always moving, so in this instance blurry was good.'s true, but even if he never moved I would have still used the photo.  Everyone knows that getting a photo of a teen is a rarity.  You use what you get or you retire from scrapbooking.
That's it for now. Thanks for looking. I'm now off to ride my bike that gets me nowhere, a.k.a. the stationary bike. It seems I'm in my "let's get healthy" mode.  Again.  Sigh.