Monday, April 19, 2010

BASB Challenge: No Photos Allowed

Personal Assistant.
Must possess organization skills and have a paddle,

because today it is all up hill against the current

and the sharks are circling.

I haven't had any takers on the above yet. I think it is a lost cause. They see the chaos and run in the opposite direction. Seriously, all I really need is a cleaner to come once a month, one cabana boy that knows how to mix drinks and vacuum the pool preferably wearing a sequined Speedo and a handyman to fix those little projects around that house that never get priority. Oh and a gardener, because let's face it...the weeds have taken over and there is no way out now without a blow torch. So enough whining. When one is overcome by life's deluge of scraps. Here's a bit of what I did while avoiding the real world:

The above was done for the current BASB challenge. Diana's challenge is to make a layout without photos. The goal listed in the journaling has already been failed. Just keeping it truthful and real.

The following are the final pages for the scrapbook I am making my cousin. I cannot believe the little guy is already a year old and walking. Actually, he dances more than he walks. Favorite dancing tune of the moment seems to be Single Ladies - the Chipmunks version. The kid has great taste. I will have to introduce him to the Glee version the next time he is in Minnesota.

Lastly, is a layout I did for last weeks sketch challenge for Studio Calico. I missed the deadline, but whatever.

The Sketch by Susan Weinroth:
My take:Yeah...I kind of like this last layout. The sketch is exactly what I needed. I've been staring at these photos for almost a year. Ugh.

Well, it's off to water aerobics to me. Seems like a good place to interview potential cabana boys, but believe me it's not. All my fellow aerobi-sizers are 70+ year old women. Well, except for my friend, Jenny, but she steadfastly refuses to serve me drinks poolside. Whatever. The ad states cabana boy, which she is not. I shall keep looking.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Twelve Step Posey Problems name is Denise and I am addicted to crac.....pleated flowers. Not that I want to be addicted to crack, but somehow in my head it seems a little more exciting saying that than stating you are addicted to folding paper into posies. Well, it is what it is. So while I haven't been putting out a lot of layouts and projects lately, I have been folding paper. I estimate that in two years, four months and three days I will use up my last sheet of pattern paper - all on flowers. By that time I may also be driven to use crack. Sorry...I shouldn't tease about stuff like that.

Thanks go to Judi who started a thread on Studio Calico asking for links explaining how to make pleated/accordion flowers. Also to thank are Emily for her Pleated Flower tutorial on the Studio Calico blog and Lisa for her Tattered Flower tutorial on her blog. From that I have the follow and a pile more on my desk:

Saturday, April 10, 2010

BASB Challenge - Use Your Favorite Manufacturer

There's a new challenge on the BASB blog. This time hosted by Ki. Her challenge is to use your favorite manufacturer and, if you wish, take it a step further and post it on the manufacturer's website/gallery/blog. While I couldn't post my layout on the manufacturer's gallery as the little dude in the photo does not belong to me, I think it is just the push some need to put themselves out there and potentially benefit. I see so many great layouts from unknowns (meaning your not Ali Edwards) that would be an asset to the manufacturer, if only it had been shared on their website. Rambling here, so to make it short. Push yourself. Get out of your box. Post to manufacturers sites and perhaps by doing so you will find you are what we have all been looking for - a new "Ali". But first enter it into the BASB challenge. LOL

Here's a link to the challenge: BASB. My layout was done using October Afternoon. Love OA. I am still working on the first year scrapbook for my cousin and my mini cousin, who is the cutie in the photos. These layouts are all without journaling, so my cousin can personalize the pages. Makes it easy for me. Whew.