Thursday, August 28, 2008

Biker Chick, a.k.a Have Bike...Will Travel

Is it any wonder that I never run out of embellishments? Well, when you hardly use any on each layout it is quite apparent why you still have Paperkins in your stash. OK...I really don't, but I had to say that for shock value. I loved those dolls. They could be used for any occasion or purpose. Talk about versatile. What embellishment these days can do that? Well...forget that question, because I know everybody will say brads and flowers and rhinestones amongst other items. LOL!
So Greta, here is one more of those five from this past weekend. I didn't want to make you wonder any more why only three of the five were posted. Oh and by the way...I actually had done six. The other two need serious work before they will be shown. I seem to start layouts and then tweak them as I see fit. Yep...I am crazy like that.
So this weekend...Labor Day. How cool! How sad! Anyone have big plans they would like to brag about? Make me jealous. I will live vicariously through you as I have no concrete plans as of yet. May hit the MN State Fair and milk a horse and ride a cow. For sure I will be tracking down the deep fried pickles and deep fried Twinkies to see what they are all about. Oh and getting acquainted with the 1000 things on a stick. Who am I kidding? I never eat at the fair for fear of getting sick. You think I would be svelte with talk like that. Happy Labor Day weekend! Have fun and be safe!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Croppin' with the Cousin

I went to my cousin's house to scrap on Saturday. The first few hours it was apparent that nothing was going to come easy. I was mojo-less. I ended up doing five layouts. Since I so often complain that I don't like this or that, I am only going to comment on what I do like about the three layouts above. Number one...on the queen layout...I like the pink ribbon border. In fact...I like that a lot. Number two...So Delish...I love the photos. Nick rarely will allow photos to be taken, so getting ones like this sent my heart sailing. I also love the ribbon. LOVE LOVE LOVE. My cousin had that and it seems as if she is becoming my ribbon supplier. LOL! Thank you again, Cindy. Number three...Dave and Kelly...I love the whole dingety dang thing. This is a scraplift of Tina Aszmus' - His Love layout. I really liked how she mixed ribbon and paper strips. Plus the typed vintage journaling on her layout is awesome.
On a non-scrapping topic, please keep me in your thoughts from 11:00 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. central time as I will be wrestling with the big rat, Chuck E. Truly, Chuck E. Cheese was invented just to send willies up my spine. UGH...not only do you get to deal with a rodent, but thousands of screaming kids. Don't get me wrong I love kids. Just not in a space designed to hold half as many as they cram in there. OH MY LORD...I have turned into the crotchety old lady who screams at kids for playing too loud. When the heck did that happen?!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Handle with Care

When I joined Flickr I received a coupon for a free box of mini cards from Moo. OK...who thought to call it Moo? I can't figure out if there is a hidden meaning behind the Moo name and all I can think of is moo like in cow. What can I say...I'm from Minnesota - land of dairy cows. Well...I know Wisconsin is, so I am grouping MN in there, too. I was saying...I got a pack of Moo cards for free. Most people use them for business cards as on the back you can imprint information, like name, address, etc. Me? I don't need business cards as who would want it? I knew instantly that I would use them for scrap pages and this is my first layout using them. I also put together a mini-album using them, but that will be posted at another time as it has been picked up by Popular Mechanics magazine for my creative use of bolts. Oh boy...I am kidding - duh - and truth is it is not completely done. However, it just may have a bolt. You'll just have to wait and see.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Circle Journal: Layout for Michele's Book

This is for Cindy - my cousin, who emailed me yesterday to say what is up with no new layouts. She gave me the kick in the kiester I needed to put the finishing touches and finish this layout. I have been working on this off and on for a week and finished up this morning. I get a bit uptight about scrapping for others. Since this is for Michele's circle journal, I wanted it to look good. I hope it meets her approval. Basically, the theme is what would you do if you couldn't fail. Just in case you can't see my journaling above I would go back to college and get my degree in landscape architecture. I don't think that will surprise anyone. Hmmm...
Today I will be participating in a virtual crop that was started by Greta on the Studio Calico website. This is a new venture for me. You crop at home and check in every so often with the online group. So far...i have been chatting more than scrapping. I have my next layout planned in my head and that is all that matters. Well, that is what I am telling myself.
On a non-scrapping subject...was just recently introduced to this: Pandora Radio. It is awesome. If you like music, you will enjoy this.
Back to scrapping. I wish you all a beautiful Saturday!

Friday, August 8, 2008


I made this and instantly started singing That's What Friends Are For. Well, friends should not let friends sing songs like that while sober. Yikes. Anyhoo...I used pink on a boy layout. That just makes me smile. I contemplated for a few moments and then said TOO BAD. When he makes his own layouts he can use his own colors. Tonight I am going to make a pink layout for Nick and then it will be fair and square. Loved using the Amy Butler line. I just noticed that the black masking tape I put on the layout to grunge it up an itsy bit is still attached. I had meant to remove it, but what the heck. I kind of like it now. Oh and I used a stick pin. I know...she's gone wild. Yeehah!
On a non-scrapping note...tonight I have my nephews and niece sleeping over while their mom and dad participate in a fishing contest. WISH. ME. LUCK. Oh just kidding. They are good kids and I wouldn't trade them for anything in the world, except maybe a load of plants or a Cricut machine. OK...not even nice to say that and it would take a lot more than that. Maybe. ;o)
I hope you have an awesome weekend!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Front Yard Update and One U.G.L.Y. Layout

The next step in Project Curb Appeal has happened. I GOT GRASS. OK...I am sorry, but I am excited. Finally, I am seeing an end to the project and no more mud in the house. Woo hoo! The rock next to the expanse of black mud and patches of dusty desert looked great, but the rock next to the grass is landscaping eye candy. OK...I admit it I am weird and proud of it.

Before I go any further I have to say it is wonderful having friends and neighbors that have skills. Thank you, Reece and Jon! Without them I would still have the front yard of my nightmares. wasn't that bad, but I say that because what I have now is the front yard of my dreams.

Had to include this angle just for Laura. See the rock standing vertical in the lower left of the photo above? That rock is taunting Laura. Hello Laura...don't you want me back? That rock used to be hers, but was stolen to add more creativity to my yard. OK...I am a rock thief. I kind of like that title. LOL!

The neighborhood kids have decided that the rock around my front yard is pretty cool. I cringe in apprehension as I know someone is going to get hurt, but what fun is it stopping them. Kids get bumps and cuts, so let them go or be labeled the "Cranky Stay Off My Rocks" Lady. Yikes!

And below is another layout I did. Trust is uglier up close. Nick's cute though. :o)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Few More

In my webless universe I completed a few more layouts. Looking back over the weekend I have to laugh. I cannot believe that I sat outside of a Caribou Coffee at midnight trying in desperation to get access to the wide world of webbing. Anybody driving by and seeing the glow of my laptop upon my tense face would have immediately dialed 911. Good thing no one drove by or if they did perhaps they were too frightened by what they saw to pick up their cell. Quick Mathilda...let's escape this middle class neighborhood - there's internet addiction abounding.
Abounding i say
Anyway...a few more layouts. This one I scraplifted the rectangles of patterned paper. Of course, the lift information is at home sitting by my non-humming computer. I am sorry...I will add the information ASAP.
ADDED: Found the credit info. Love this layout - Rachel Mardis - and knew I wanted to copy the rectangular boxes.

This layout was already posted at Studio Calico, so some of you may have already seen it. I decided I had too much Hambly not to experiment. I cut one sheet of rub ons up and just started sticking them everywhere. Weeeee....

In closing, tonight is Neighborhood Night Out. I hope everyone has a safe and fun time. I will be surrounded by dozens of neighbors, who tolerate my mean-ness without complaint, and two hundred White Castle hamburgers. Who says I don't have it good?

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Look What You Can Accomplish When You Don't Have Cable

It is amazing what you can get done when you are "forced" and have no other distractions. My biggest distraction is the internet. Who wouldn't rather surf the net, say hi to friends and check out eye candy layouts than dig in dirt? Well, my internet has been down, since Friday night. First, let me say that I am not shocked. I jinxed myself. I was commenting on other's blogs and specifically remember leaving a comment in regard to someone's Comcast being down. My comment dissed Comcast and as soon as I hit enter I just knew the gods-to-be at Comcast would read that and decide to mess with me. Going home to no internet hardly surprised me...having to wait until Tuesday to have it repaired did. Boy...I must have irritated them. Yikes. To while away the time I weeded gardens, moved my trampoline, rearranged rocks and scrapbooked. All things I have wanted to do since spring. I don't have photos of the weeding and other labor, but here are some of the layouts:
So I figure, if Stephanie can challenge herself to using the computer to journal on her Harbour Island layout, then maybe I should try to challenge myself. So I used my own writing instead of the computer. My hand shook with nerves as if I was signing a thirty year mortgage while having no job. Yeah...need to practice, but it is a beginning.
On the one below notice no journaling - computer or handwritten? The last layout almost did me in. I pretty much am admitting that using the stamp and Scenic Route - Life is Good - chipboard says it all. Better than I could have written it. Oh and everytime I see that stamp I start singing Jesus Jones' Right Here Right Now...there is no other place I want to be. Makes me happy.

The one below I am not liking 100% at the moment. Something is off. Maybe it will grow on me. Maybe not. BUT I used pink and a previous Studio Calico kit, so life is good. Didn't I just say that?

And the one below needs credit to be given. I scraplifted April's Walk layout. You will find her original at Studio Calico. I was so drawn to her layout that I couldn't even wait for the kit that she used to arrive at my door. Instead, I went through previous kits and there you have it.

One further and closing comment in regard to my lack of internet connection...last night I could take the silence no more. At midnight on my way home I pulled into a strip mall that had a Caribou Coffee. I parked in the lot and attempted to "steal" some of their wireless. It didn't work. They must have teamed up with Comcast to work against me. Figures.