Thursday, December 4, 2008

BASB Part 3: Ad Challenge and December Daily Day 3

The new challenge is up at BASB. This challenge was hosted by Waleska and you are to create a layout based on your take on the ad provided. Here's the ad:

And here is my layout:

And I even did a card.

You must need a break from working on your December Daily, so why not join in? :o) Deadline for submitting is by midnight on December 14. Winner announced December 15.

Speaking of the December Daily, here's Day 3 of mine. A trip to Bachman's, which is a local garden center. Well, it is a blinged out garden center. Filled to the brim with beautiful decorations - real and fake. I had a chance to embarrass my sister a bit by taking photos of anything that walked, sat and fell down. I made her pose with an elf. It could have been a fairy. It really doesn't matter. What does matter is that we almost got kicked out, because she then decided to try and kiss it. Well, I lie about the kicked out part, but she did get caught by an employee. I was hiding behind a ten feet high glass ball tree muffling my shrieks of laughter as he commented on his amusement at her. Hey...isn't that what sisters are for?

AND finally, here's the beginnings of Day 4. I plan on burning a cd of my favorite holiday music. I may change my mind, but it seems like a good idea now in the light of day. When I leave work in the dark who knows?

Thanks for stopping by and also for all the great comments left on my Day 1 and 2. Some emailed me to say they liked my list for Day 1. It was a little silly, but I truly am going to attempt to do all of those items. In regard to TPing my neighbor's Christmas Tree, that is an on-going joke. Last year we placed a blinking Santa hat on her cat sculpture. You need to have fun and my neighborhood has a really great sense of humor. I am in search of holiday theme toilet paper. That will make the tree even more festive. Don't you think?


Mye said...'re putting me to shame. I have to get busy on my dec daily, need to get photos printed. Love how yours is turning out so far. Lovely layout and card.

Rita said...

Gorgeous work! Love how you used the SC stamps! I have been taking the pics for my Dec Daily album, but I need to actually get them IN my album, lol!

vtpuggirl said...

You could stamp the Toilet paper with holiday stamps, just saying. Very pretty album, it's turning out really nice!

Kristii said...

Awesome work my friend!! I love checking out your blog!!! I left an award for you on my blog!! Check it out at

dawn said...

Love your take on the ad challenge and WOW your December Daily ROCKS! I have been working on mine and hope to post some pictures soon!! :-)

karen m. (akaliz) said...

crap Denise! when did you do all this stuff? i haven't been here in a while and you've gone and done all this way awesome stuff! i feel so ashamed