Monday, April 20, 2009

Something Old, New, Borrowed and Blue

Mmmm....looks good. After an awesome weekend, I arrived at work and had to deal with people with bad attitudes. So I deserve this and dreamed all day long of the moment I could kick back and scarf it down. I even skipped lunch to allow for the calories. Snack time finally arrived. I excitedly ripped off the tin foil only to find it really just looks good on a fork. Duh...what was I thinking. It's almost a week old. If I dropped it on the floor, I am sure it would bounce and then snap into a million little pieces. OH WELL. I am sure there is some candy around here somewhere. Of course, it is most likely leftover from Christmas. Sigh. Something seems to be working against me. Well, perhaps something is working for me? Yippee.

OK...enough whining and on to good things.
The new BASB challenge is now posted. It's La Verne's anniversary and she is challenging all to create a layout using all of the following: Something new, old, borrowed and blue. Here's how I did mine:

  • Something Old: Old photo (not vintage, but from last summer) and the person doing the layout is kind of old...especially on Mondays.
  • Something New: Fiskar's Upper Crest Board Punch (Thanks Davinie!)
  • Something Borrowed: Sketch Lines 130
  • Something Blue: That's pretty apparent.

Sorry about the bad photo. It's raining here. While I love rain, it does put a damper on photographing one's layouts. I will try re-posting a better photo later. Anyway...see the little girl in the photo? Not my blonde niece. The other cutie. Doesn't she remind you of Pippi Longstocking? You know this girl:

That's because she is Pippi. True.


Close To Home said...

love your challenge page!

vtpuggirl said...

Beautiful page! I agree about the rain, so hard to photograph stuff. Hey, glad you checked out my backside. LOL!

dawn said...

I love your LO! Mine is still in progress. Hopefully it will be done by tomorrow and photograph. It rained here all day too! :-)

Greta said...

Love the layout! And that picture...AWESOME!! This is my new favorite of yours. :)

And Pippi...sigh. I need to read those books again.

karen m. (akaliz) said...

that's funny that you say, 'sorry about the bad photo. it's raining here.'

it just sounds funny to someone who is photo-challenged like i am.

i've missed you cats! love the colors on your layout. very cute!

Larajc said...

so cute. Great job on the challenge. I loved your take on the dessert...can you hear the Guffaws from Minneapolis? Have a great day!