Monday, May 4, 2009

BASB Challenge 12 and NSD Layouts

Before I say anything I need to get something off my chest. Please keep me in your thoughts this week as I need all I can get. I thank you in advance. This is the week the pool boys will be coming to repair my pool and I have done my time with pool boys with carpenter cracks and mullets. I really think I am due hotties in tight jeans and t-shirts that will say yes to my every whim, including fanning me with palm fronds, serving drinks with little umbrellas and weeding my gardens. Send good thoughts and you will have an open invitation to come and get fanned on the pool deck. No charge. I'm all about sharing good.
Now in regard to scrapping the new BASB challenge has been posted. Anne is hosting this one and it is based on doing a layout about an artist that inspires you. The artist can be fine art, music, etc. Check the blog out for full information. My layout is about Danita, who is a multi-media artist that I found a couple of years ago. At this time I was so over scrapping. It was boring and I was ready to throw in the towel. For some reason seeing how she used paper, paint, ink and other items inspired me and renewed my love of scrapping. Cheesy, but true. This is the layout I put together:

If you like what Danita does, other multi-media artists you may want to check out are: SuziBlu, Claudine Hellmuth and Tascha Parkinson. Some have tutorials on their blogs. You have to love a free art class. :o) There are plenty other artists out there, but that should get you started. I just realized that one of the art pieces I bought from Suzi is on her blog header. Very cool!
OK...below are a few layouts I did during the National Scrapbook Day celebration at SC. That was a blast and I got a lot done. Here they are:

Above: Done for April's Maya Mist Challenge.

Above: Done for Maggie's Inspiration Challenge

Above: Done for Tina A.'s Music Challenge. Song was Say Hey by Michael Franti and Spearhead.

Above: Done for Kelly's Ad Inspired Challenge
Above: Done for Emily's Self Portrait Challenge, Davinie's Hand Stitching Challenge
and Tina C's Open Space Challenge. There is hidden journaling. I didn't want to mess up the open space. Basically, it say: Don't let the photo fool you. Sure I look nice and happy, but somedays all that niceness wears off and things go flinging through the air. So true.
Whew. Done. Does anyone know how or if it is even possible to get Blogger to allow you to click on every photo within a posting and have it enlarge? Right now only the first photo is able to be clicked on. Not sure if I am missing something or if this is just the way it is. I would appreciate any input. TIA!


dawn said...

WOW! You sure rocked the challenges! I really LOVE the BASB challenge one. GORGEOUS!!!
Oh and if you by chance do get some hot pool boys, could you send them my way when you are through? I do not have a pool, but I would love to have them fan me, bring me drinks and answer to my every whim anyways. A gal can dream, can't she??? ;0)

Greta said...

Okay, after you finish with Judi's pictures, can you come here next? You are on a roll! Watch out for the road at the bottom of the hill, though, k? Emily in the goggles makes me giggle - still love that photo and love the layout!!

Let me see if I can figure out anything about the non-clicks.

JennO said...

Well, most importantly--I can only send up fervent thoughts you get the hot pool men. If so, snap some discreet pics, will you? Remember the construction guys at the scrap store? Uhhh, yeah. I'm hoping for that caliber for you. :P

In all seriousness...your layouts ROCK!!! I didn't get to see each one in the SC gallery. I think I'd better stalk your profile and leave some individual love. :D

Heather said...

Your layouts for the challenges are awesome!!!

I'm sending you good vibes for hottie pool boys....hopefully it will be so warm, that they'll need to remove their tight t-shirts!

Thanks for the giggle!

Lauren said...

Wow! Great work on all of your challenges..You sure got a lot of work done! Good luck with the pool boys! ha ha!

moonlightgrrl said...

OK, first of all, YES! I will be sending hopeful thoughts your way that hot, young 20-ish pool boys come to your do your bidding with palm fronds in hand and tight abs/asses. I am wishing this for you because: a) it's about time; and b) because since you are my dear, sweet and generous friend and I know that I will be invited to reap the benefits.

Also, I just wanted to mention that I think you are insanely amazing to get all of those challenges done. And with some awesome results!

You rock, my friend. Oh boy, do you rock!

karen m. (akaliz) said...

these are all awesome! i love the 'i love you' layout. and you BASB layout is awesome!

as for the clicking...i'm not sure why it would do that, but it's got to be in the code. when you upload the image, it should have an img src tag surrounded by the a href tags. the addresses for both parts should be the same, just the ahref part makes it into a link. check in the edit html part of your post and look for that. not sure if that helped you any at all, but that's the dealy-yo...

the pool men are all at my house. i'll send them to you this week. (i don't even have a pool, it's just a hold area down here).

whew! did you get all that?

vtpuggirl said...

You did so many challenges! And they all look amazing! Sending hottie pool boy vibes your way!

Lyn said...

You rocked the challenges!! Good for you!

Elisa said...

Great LOs, all of them. Specially love the love you and the self portrait.