Monday, November 8, 2010

Long Time No Type

So long time no type.  What can I say?  I wish it was that I have been busy, but in truth it is called laziness.  Add a capital L to that and that makes it seem more fitting.  My scrapping has taken a back seat to my Facebooking.  Seems silly to say that as a majority of my Facebook friends come from the field of scrapping.  LOL  So before the Google or Blogger Gods confiscate my blog name and deem me past history, I thought I better do a quick update.

I created one thing in October.  This is it:

Photo stinks, but I think you get the gist.  Even though I didn't create a lot in October I sure added to my hoards of supplies.  I bought the Tim Holtz Sizzix Paper Rosette die.  I  know you can make these doodads by hand, but think about who is making this - Me.  Need I say more?  I am the shortcut queen and this die short cuts it enough to make me want to make rosette banners for every holiday of the year.and then make up some holidays just so I can make more.  We all need a St. Denise Day, right?  Maybe not.  Anyway, I love it.  I am currently in the midst of making a Thanksgiving banner.  It will look exactly like the one above. I am a slave to avoiding change.  Gah!
After making the rosette banner I figured I might as well go all out for Halloween.  I gathered my nephews and niece.  The nephews pretty much ran for the safety of the TV once I told them it was craft time.  Good thing neighbor, Henry, showed up and I was able to rope him into my plot.  We made these:

The idea came from the Halloween issue of the Betty Crocker cookbook.  It can also be found here.  The real recipe called for licorice strings for the legs.  I was working with an eight year old.  She doesn't like licorice even though she has never tasted it.  Huh?  Chow Mein noodles worked just as well even if the color wasn't as dramatic.

One step further.  I carved pumpkins.  OK...I always carve pumpkins and go way overboard with research on what to carve and patterns for doing so.  Well, it was one hour to trick or treating and no research had been done.  I just went willy nilly on five pumpkins and had them done in about 45 minutes.  Sure it isn't my usual Spongebob, Chicken Little, five car Thomas the Train or stacked pumpkin heads, but still it got done and no one attempted to smash them due to ugliness.  Here's the outcome:

In hindsight I should have have pumpkin seeds and "guts" spilling out of the mouth of the little in the mouth pumpkin.  Maybe next year.

Finally, I will close with a few layouts I did this past weekend and finished this morning.  Hopefully, this means I am back into the swing of scrapping.  OK...I am giggling at the comment.  Fingers are crossed though.

I feel they all could use some pizzazz, but I patoot in the pizzazz department.  Anyone have extras?  ;o)


lisa truesdell said...

love the banner, adote the pumpkins but the LOs??? they win. =) you sure saved up a lot of fabulousness by not blogging in a long time! =)

Davinie Fiero said...

I'm digging the banner. The pumpkin eating the baby pumpkin is my favorite. And of course, the layouts rock.

p.s. you make me laugh, Denise. Don't stop.

JennO said...

You're hilarious!! Great banner...hey, I'd celebrate St. Denise day if I had the banner. :) Love your pumpkins--they made me smile and if it makes you feel any better, you carved five more than I did! Glad you updated for us non-fbookers...I was starting to worry!

dawn said...

The LO's are fab my friend. The pumpkins are so fun too! When exactly is St. Denise Day? I want to have my banner ready!! xoxo

Briana Johnson said...

you know, you really caught me eye with that banner. I want that rosette thing even though I don't have a sizzix. It makes me want to buy one just for that rosette . and those embossing dies, those are pretty cool. 5 pumpkins! Cool designs. And your pages - very sweet. That cute little spider - love it.

GretaB said...

They are all beautiful creations - banner, pumpkins, cookies, layouts. The big pumpkin eating the little one is so funny. You're right - the guts spilling out of the mouth would have just topped it off perfectly.

Your layouts are perfect and glad to see someone is scrapping.

Oh, and I'm all for St. Denise Day. When should it be? And what kind color or icon(s) will be associated with it? You know, like St. Patty's day is green with the shamrock and leprechaun (have no idea how to spell that).

mommy2alex said...

Oh my, you're the pumpkin carvin queen! Those are great!
LOVE rosettes and your banner is great!
Three layouts, wow! You have been busy! ;)

Laura - The Stampin' Soldier said...

Great blog!!!