Friday, December 17, 2010

Hallmark Movies : BYOK (Bring Your Own Kleenex) and Suffer

The Hallmark Channel is playing continuous Christmas movies and dang are they depressing.  Why must every holiday movie rip your guts out and spit them out? I think I better turn the channel back to watching Billy the Exterminator or Southern Fried Stings.  At least they leave you feeling jolly, if not a little grossed out and shocked.

Since I mentioned shock, I am still moving along on my December Daily.

Day 11 was supposed to be a day of going to see the Holidazzle parade.  Unfortunately, it was canceled due to the storm.  And so continued the weekend of shoveling.

Day 12 was another day of cancellations. The day was supposed to be the annual cookie Bake-A-Thon with my friend, but snow drifts in my driveway of 2-4 feet pretty much did that in.  I shoveled instead.  Yeehah.  

If these cancellations keep happening, I will have the world's most boring December Daily.  I many photos of myself can I slap into a book without becoming narcisistic?  Not that it worries me too much.  I am pretty awesome.  Pfft! 

Let's change the subject.

Lauren has been hosting a Twelve Crafts of Christmas Past on her blog.  A couple of days ago she posted about gift wrapping.  I am usually a last minute throw it in a Target bag kind of wrapper.  Deep down I strove to be Martha Stewart.  Not really, but just a bit better than what I was doing.  So surprising myself, I wrapped presents this week and with Lauren's posting in mind the above is what happened.  With saying this, I have to say that I shopped for the first time at Anthropologie.  If for nothing else, that store is worth buying something just for their boxes.  The "Fay" Box above is their box with colorful additions by me.  I cannot believe they don't charge for their boxes.  I bought more than one item. I should have asked for more than one box.  Duh. I was always a bit slow in figuring things out.

Well, time to go catch the ending of the Hallmark movie of the moment.  I figured, if I sat through 1.5 hours of sadness and tears, I might as well catch the happy, tear-filled feel good ending.  Dang...I am going to be ugly at work tomorrow with these puffy eyes. Maybe I will just go to bed.


jamie long said...

I love your gift wrapping.

Anonymous said...

I simply love your style! Thanks for sharing :)

ArlaMo said...

Love your sock picture!
Please send some of your snow! I'm tired of brown, muddy Christmases...

Sabr said...

Oh the joys of Christmas socks! Your projects rock!

Christa said...

Love the photos!!

lisa truesdell said...

i have some GCs to anthro - i should go buy something and pretend it's a gift. ;)

love the bits of tape on the second page - they are both awesome, as are the wrap ideas!

Elisa said...

The layouts are gorgeous even with the constant snow shovelling theme, hehehe. Beautiful gift wrapping too.