Monday, March 21, 2011

Project Life: Week 3 out of 52.

So in part 3 of Project Life we find Denise baking cookies, going to IKEA, hanging with the sister, getting quickly addicted to coke (I'm purposefully putting that in lower case so it seems more exciting), not surprisingly taking more self-portraits and surviving below zero weather dressed only in flip flops and a bikini.  Yeah....I made the flip flops and bikini part up.  Kind of made you want to flip right to the end of the layouts, didn't it?  I mean Denise in a bikini?!  How tantalizingly scary.

And in case you are worried...ha...I am kicking my coke habit.  I have given up coke and have been clean for ten days and since we have brought it up, it totally stinks.  Let me say that in 1903 Coke claimed that they no longer used cocaine as an ingredient in their soft drink.  I'm not buying that for a minute.  I am sure the secret recipe is comprised of 96% cocaine with a shot of meth and a shake or two of artificial flavoring.  Why else would I get hand shakes every single time I drive past McDonald's? OK...I totally admit it may be due to my fear of clowns.  But that story is for another time.

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Mandie said...

d, this are faaaabulous, dahling!

Keshet said...

Denise, these are all fantabulous! And so are you. That is all.

Briana Johnson said...

Oh, I see someone is pimping their new silhouette! You go. I love that circles thing you did!! I want one too : ) I love the doodles on the last page. The entire book is cute and I love the things you photograph! Snoopy is from MN? LOL, about typing coke in small caps to seem more scandalous.

Donna said...