Saturday, August 27, 2011

Pinterest Has Taken Over My Life

It's true.  Pinterest has taken over my life.  If I'm not pinning, I am making stuff I have pinned.  My last project was the balloon wreath shown above for Emily's birthday.  She loved it so much I came home to find all 160 balloons in a pile.  It seems when I said I made a wreath for her she thought it was FOR her.  As in, YAY balloons. Oh well. Her birthday is now past and at least I got a few photos of the wreath intact.  This one is my favorite. Now I know what the look on her face meant....go shopping, so I can rip this apart.  Yep.


Zorina said...

Seriously, right?! PINTEREST, how do we love thee? Hope life is good with you and with summer winding down all the best for fall! --Z

mommy2alex said...

Oh my, that's hilarious! The wreath was FAB while it lasted.
I too am OBsessed with Pinterest, love it so!

Briana Johnson said...

It's so fun hanging with you on pinterest! That is such a cute wreath! You made that? Awesome! She took it apart! Ha! I can't wait to see you scrapbook that picture of her. Adorable!

Cynthia Lloréns said...

This is so funny and I loved !!The wreath was great !!
This is my first time in here and I´m follower now.
I wish a wonderful week.
Kisses and huges from Brazil

Cynthia Lloréns said...

Sorry but I try to be follower and I did not see.

Mandie said...

awesome! love it! love that emily pulled it apart! kids are so funny!

~Sasha Farina~ said...

she took it apart? really? was it that easy? it looks 'solid' to me.. but now i'm in trouble, i need to go find lots of balloons! LOL.

Briana Johnson said...

I came to see if you've updated since the balloons pic. Ha ha, I love it when you leave mass comments on my blog! You know, you are a crazy good friend!