Saturday, September 10, 2011

Walking a Hamster

This girl needs a dog. She's been begging for one for over a year.  The only problem is she had a loaner dog for a day to see how it would work.  She failed. Not totally.  Just enough to say it's just not the right time. I mean saying your are going to scoop poop and doing it are two different things.  It grossed her out.  It grossed me out.  That's a big part of having a dog in my opinion, so the timing is off. She did; however, pass the walking the dog test.  She walked Loaner so much that when he went home he slept for two days. I think my friend was worried we killed him by exercise.  Note to self:  No more loaners. In all seriousness she will get her dog, but for now she has her hamster.  How pathetic is that? But she tries to make the best of it.  She loves that little ball of a rodent.  Holds it incessantly.  Feeds him.  Rearranges his home to keep his life interesting.  However, when I walked outside one day and saw her slowly walking behind him in his little rolling ball up the middle of the street, I just about wet my pants.  The neighbors are now all on her side for getting a dog. She knows how to work it.


The layout was created using the August Studio Calico kit. I made a goal to use up the kit before September's arrived.  I ended up "killing" July and August's kits in one month.  Miracles do happen I guess.  So in that way of thinking I guess it means that someday soon the girl will get her dog. I hope so. 


Briana Johnson said...

Oh Denise, this is just precious! I mean as precious as allowed for a girl who's probably almost a tween : ) I love the zig zags drawing the eye to each photo. Perfect kit for these photos - so funny too - walking the hamster.

mommy2alex said...

Love the layout, she is such a cutie!
We had one dog, adopted her at 2, so sweet and perfect. THEN, someone (NOT me) just had to get a puppy and oh my he is the devil spawn. Our first dog made everyone she met want to get a dog, the second one, he makes people happy that they don't have a dog. Ugh - you're a smart lady, let her walk that hamster!!!!!!!

Briana Johnson said...

I'm checking in on you . . no updates, I see. Tsk, tsk. Ha! I'm joking! I know you've been busy. Just wanted to say hi and I love it when you come to my blog :)Maybe I need to go over to pinterest and find you some unicorn men or old, saggy ladies.