Monday, January 21, 2008

The Big Jump

My nephew, Nick, has turned into a dare devil. The hill was almost like glass - pure ice. The homemade jump was not sloped, but more of a two foot mountain. The first time he went over it I was standing off to the side and saw him fly four feet into the air, separate from his sled and then land on the hard packed snow with a thump. I thought his face had slammed against the ground, but that was just the angle. He jumped up and excitedly yelled COOL. Not so cool for me. I was scared to death. He then started to dare his friends to try it out. I hoped they wouldn't. None would at first. He went off again. Flew high in the air again. Landed hard again. This time he quietly walked over to me and asked if I had seen him fly? Yes, Nick, I did. I'm done, he then said. I was relieved.


2H Design said...

Love this layout!

ricanlaw said...

I love the design and that it incorporates many photos. Flows well.