Tuesday, July 15, 2008

You Are Such A Deer

Nick would roll his eyes if he read that title. Such a deer. LOL! No eleven year old boy wants to hear he is dear....even if they are. So anyway...can I say that the Prima Felt Matties are fabulous. I wasn't so sure I would know how to use them. Then I decided did it really matter? Just slap that sucker down and call it art. Sometimes I think too much. I am giving that up. Just found a great idea on Studio Calico that I cannot wait to try. Die cutting Hambly transparencies. I have tried to punch them without any luck. Tonight I am going to use my little machine that I can't remember the name of. Sizzix?? Sidekick?? Obviously that machine has seen a lot of use lately...not.


karen m. (akaliz) said...

sizzix to the rescue. i really wish i hadn't sold mine. i felt so held back by the fun serif font...not much to decide there.

it now belongs to some teacher (for a super steal). lucky gal. she's probably doing cutting all the hambly she can get her hands on into cute little flowers and frames.

L/d (that's my leg--the 'l' kicking myself in the butt 'd')

WOW! it's late. i need to go to bed!!!

very cute lo. love the blue and black. and he is a dear.

Kristii said...

What a great idea for that little red machine that sits under my table collecting dust!!! I may have to give that a try. Can't wait to see what you create! Totally love your layout!!