Sunday, August 3, 2008

Look What You Can Accomplish When You Don't Have Cable

It is amazing what you can get done when you are "forced" and have no other distractions. My biggest distraction is the internet. Who wouldn't rather surf the net, say hi to friends and check out eye candy layouts than dig in dirt? Well, my internet has been down, since Friday night. First, let me say that I am not shocked. I jinxed myself. I was commenting on other's blogs and specifically remember leaving a comment in regard to someone's Comcast being down. My comment dissed Comcast and as soon as I hit enter I just knew the gods-to-be at Comcast would read that and decide to mess with me. Going home to no internet hardly surprised me...having to wait until Tuesday to have it repaired did. Boy...I must have irritated them. Yikes. To while away the time I weeded gardens, moved my trampoline, rearranged rocks and scrapbooked. All things I have wanted to do since spring. I don't have photos of the weeding and other labor, but here are some of the layouts:
So I figure, if Stephanie can challenge herself to using the computer to journal on her Harbour Island layout, then maybe I should try to challenge myself. So I used my own writing instead of the computer. My hand shook with nerves as if I was signing a thirty year mortgage while having no job. Yeah...need to practice, but it is a beginning.
On the one below notice no journaling - computer or handwritten? The last layout almost did me in. I pretty much am admitting that using the stamp and Scenic Route - Life is Good - chipboard says it all. Better than I could have written it. Oh and everytime I see that stamp I start singing Jesus Jones' Right Here Right Now...there is no other place I want to be. Makes me happy.

The one below I am not liking 100% at the moment. Something is off. Maybe it will grow on me. Maybe not. BUT I used pink and a previous Studio Calico kit, so life is good. Didn't I just say that?

And the one below needs credit to be given. I scraplifted April's Walk layout. You will find her original at Studio Calico. I was so drawn to her layout that I couldn't even wait for the kit that she used to arrive at my door. Instead, I went through previous kits and there you have it.

One further and closing comment in regard to my lack of internet connection...last night I could take the silence no more. At midnight on my way home I pulled into a strip mall that had a Caribou Coffee. I parked in the lot and attempted to "steal" some of their wireless. It didn't work. They must have teamed up with Comcast to work against me. Figures.


Lauren said...

Wow your "Life is Good" and "a Bit Shy" layouts are so fabulous!! You don't realize how much we rely on certain things 'till they are gone..At least you got some great layouts done!

dawn said...

I always love your LO's and the stories that go into the making of them. I am glad that I do not have comcast, but I have had my share of internet issues. Glad you were able to accomplish so much AND that now you have your internet back! :-)

Tara said...

Those are fantastic! I've been wanting to lift that layout of April's too!

ahardy said...

so MUCH gets done without the internet to rob us of our day, eh? :P
i giggled when i heard you refer to Jesus Jones. [sigh]
i'm feeling older and older by the minute!

scrapyoga said...

love when the cable goes out!!! You were very creative!!!! The Bit Shy is my favorite!

Lyn said...

your layouts are awesome, i love your spin on april's strips! fabulous!

Jenn said...

Isn't it amazing how much we rely on the internet? Looks like you got some srapping done and I love your handwriting.

MandeeM said...

I love these new layouts... Now if I could just convince my hubby that he could get so much done without cable, we would be a bit happier over here! But I would miss the internet, cause then I couldn't look at all your stuff!

Rita said...

I always joke with DH that the house would be sooo clean if the internet went out! Love the layouts, especially the one of April's you lifted - just gorgeous!

Close To Home said...

I just LOVE those layouts. They are ones that actually just make me smile and be happy with scrapbooking again!

karen m. (akaliz) said...

ok, white castle burgers and jesus jones in two are making me feel old!

your layouts are stunning. and i don't see anything wrong with the pink one, Mathilda. my mom used to call me that every once in a while:)