Wednesday, July 8, 2009

BASB Challenge 16: Friendship

It looks like it is true. I am unable to weed gardens, sit in a lawn chair, swim, fish, eat, drink, blog and scrap at the same time. So since I haven't been here, you would think I have a weedless yard. Hmmm...think again. This year my ever expanding behind is sitting in a chair with a big bowl of melted ice cream watching the weeds grow. Oh is some humdinger of a summer. LOL! Yes, I am exaggerating. I actually swim, too. Well, make that I float.
Taking time off from loafing I come here to tell you that the new BASB challenge is underway. This challenge is all about friends. In Ki's words....The challenge this time around is in honor of friendship. I think we will all agree that this hobby is one that has brought us many wonderful friendships that have enriched our lives.Therefore, in honor of those friendships, I want you to do a page about a friend that you have because of this hobby.
Through scrapbooking I have had the honor of meeting so many awesome people. By meeting I mean in person and on this giantic ole web. I love creative people. They "get" and accept me. Some non-creative people get me, too, but it is a rarity and it gets tiring trying to explain to them what a layout or scrapbook is. If your reading this, I suspect you know what I mean. Anyway, this is what I came up with. A BASB challenge calls for a BASB layout, so I bring you my online buds, ak.a. the BASB chickeroonies.

And before I can find all the challenge info. right HERE.


Rachael said...

Love it!!

vtpuggirl said...

This is so very cute and creative with all the frames! Love it, what a great look!

danemi1 said...

love those frames

Larajc said...

very creative and fun Denise! Love the cute little frames!