Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Just Say Something

Just say something. No pressure. Right? Well, I have nothing, so you get this:
Things that have made me giggle in the last week - in no special order:
1. My niece hopped in the car and yelled put on your's the claw (law).
2. Again, my niece holding my bangs up says you need a hair cut. I ask if I should cut off my bangs. She replies by saying no...then you'd be a boy. Hmmm....
3. My nephew volunteering to do yardwork to earn some spending money. Him: I need $15 and I will do stuff for you. Stuff like weed. Me: Great. You can start on the vegetable garden (which has two feet tall weeds). Him: No. I was thinking I could weed the garden between the house. Me: Oh the one that you just watched me finish weeding. Him: Yeah, there are a couple weeds you missed.
4. My other nephew asked if he could go on my computer and watch a few videos on Oooo Tube (You Tube).
5. While painting, my niece and I were talking about colors. I asked her, if you mix red and blue what do you get. Her trouble.
While we're on a crafting theme, here's a couple of quick and easy layouts I did starring the wordmasters listed above:

Journaling: A pile of kids. You all look peaceful, right?
It's a happy moment,
but it is also a moment where poor Nick was being squished
to smithereens and the camera was not cooperating.
Poor Nick will have back trouble for life.

Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy your day.


Kelly said...

Thanks for the giggle Denise. I love the response to the question about mixing paint.
Way too cute xxx

*reyanna klein* said...

I like the funnies. :)

And cute layouts! Love me some simple layouts. :D

Rita said...

I think it's so great you are recording those little tidbits! Too funny! Both of your layouts are simply gorgeous!

casey boyd said...

Those are some pretty funny lines! And you are so good to document those. Love those layouts, that last one and the photo is adorable.