Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Few Rolls of Ribbon

It's amazing how much ribbon you can shove in a jar. What I thought was a large collection surpassed the word large. By a landslide. It is HUMONGOUS. Yet I am now to the dregs of my pink collection and that makes me giddy. Pink is a color rarely used in my scrapping. Sad fact...the girl is not too girly. She loathes the color pink, because her BFF Henry loves pink. However, she seems to want to wear it everyday. Whatever. You have to love the age of seven. Anyway, here are a few of the layouts I "tied" together:

I want to state that the pink layout with all the ribbon was inspired by Judi's Laughter layout. It is her I have to thank for helping me deplete the pink. Thanks Judi. :o)

Now I promised to post this. Em came into my scrap room while I was working with ribbon. She asked why ribbon was hanging everywhere, so I told her about the challenge. Instantly out of her mouth came...Oooo a contest. What can I win? So this is what she came up with, because I told her she could win five bucks. Come on...I know there's no prize, but she's seven. And cute. And also wearing pink despite the hate. Go figure.

For some reason she has winter on her mind, so she used up all my snowflake ribbon. But most amazingly is that she found my collection of Paperkin punches and FREAKED OUT. Let's just say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Paperkin Love is in the genes. ;o)


stephanie howell said...

ha! paperkin love. you crack me up. wonderful layouts. i especially love the pink one. me loving pink? yes, i know that's shocking. ;) xo

Zorina said...

Love, love, love it! YOU ARE SUCH an INSPIRATION!

Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

Love these! Your daughter's layout is so cute! and that pink one with all the ribbon is inspiring me to get my ribbon out!

moonlightgrrl said...

oH denise. oh. oh. oh.
you did it again.

the "polly" LO - very striking! love.
the pink ribbon LO - fab!
the lazy day LO - so fun & whimsical!

you rock!

moonlightgrrl said...

and E rocks too... paperkins... hilarious! (but cute!)

vtpuggirl said...

Her page is adorable! I love that she loves the paperkins! You pages are pretty awesome too!

JennO said...

Sorry to have to say your pages aren't nearly as good as hers...but I guess someday you'll get better. :) :) :)

The pink ribbon page had me rushing from my iPhone to the desktop to see it in more detail. LOVE, beyond LOVE this page! You'd better make yourself a krispie shake as a reward for all the scrapwork you've been putting in!

Greta said...

How much ribbon do you have left? With these layouts I think you ought to use ribbon every day. Lazy Day is so dreamy - love it!

And way to go Em! She definitely wins. For use of ribbon and the paperkins. The 'kins might just have sealed the deal for me.

Elisa said...

Gotta use mine too, I only realised how much I had when I had to move my scraproom.

Love the LOs, the second reminded me to scrap a very similar photo I have of my DD, same pose, different colouring :-) but wearing pink too.

The felt ribbon stitched around the photo in the last one is a great idea, definitely will copy that!

Larajc said...

I hear you on the pink...I force myself to make a bunch of cards with pink ribbon and give them away at work. Love your layouts!