Monday, November 2, 2009

Being Thankful

I'm too selfish and into myself. I need to be reminded that the world doesn't always have to revolve around me. Well, it should 42.3% of the time, but I need to share the rest. Snort! OK...seriously, I need to work harder on being thankful and to appreciate the things and people in my life more. So...welcome to November. This is the month and year that I will work on being thankful. I am officially pushing aside my "eye rolling" attitude. Today I am thankful for yellow leaves with sunshine. My twelve year old nephew, who helped me rake up a "butt load" of leaves. I am thankful he is not lazy, like me. I am thankful for not having to be to work until noon and daylight savings making the morning feel even longer. Oh and I am even thankful for the pool in my backyard that needs it's cover drained even though I really want to sit on my behind and do nothing.

So what brought this urgency to feeling thankful? It was LaVerne's BASB Challenge. When I read it a light went off in my head. Oh and head isn't empty despite what some say. But I digress. Her challenge is thinking of things that make you happy and thankful. Document it and think of a way to pay it forward. Honestly, the light really did go off and I realized I needed to take stock in what I have and quit whining about what I don't.

It must be Monday as I am being hard on myself, but that's ok. I'm thankful I have someone to kick me in the behind - even if it is myself as I have scared everybody else away from even trying. LOL!

Have a gorgeous Monday. I hope it is filled with lots of things to appreciate. I am heading out to appreciate the draining of the pool cover. Tomorrow I will post my first ATC for LaVerne's challenge. I am so excited. Truly.


Larajc said...

You crack me up Denise! Well, that is quite the list of thankful items. I see a lot more in HAVE a job that you do not have to visit until noon (many do not), you have a healthy young nephew that had the time to hang out with Aunt Denise, and the pool is in good working order (even if the cover is full of water) that ads to your list! LOL

moonlightgrrl said...

you are so awesome! i mean that. love the list of thanks... i am thankful to have friends like you!

Lauren said...

is that you? Its an AWESOME photo! And what a great post.

PS> my paper wreath? it was in the december 2007 creating keepsakes. I just followed the directions. :) It does have a sytrofoam circle underneath.

GretaB said...

I think it'd be fine if you raise that number to 49.7%.

There really is so much to be thankful for, isn't there? I love this challenge.