Friday, October 28, 2011

The Weight of Words

A layout about soccer that doesn't look like it's about soccer.  I apologize for the bad photo. 

I had a hard time getting up the energy to scrap this fall soccer season. The season has had it ups and downs. Nick was playing for his high school team and Emily for the community team. I could handle scrapping Emily's experience.  I can't touch Nick's yet.  I'm still at the point where egging and tp-ing a coach's home sounds like a great idea.

Emily started her first year at a higher level where she had to learn positions for the first time. It was a challenge and she seemed a little lost at times, but she will catch on with practice. She had great coaches that played the team fairly. You have to appreciate coaches that treat every player equally and build their confidence along the way. There was a bully on the team, but a hairy eyeball from me usually scared him into submission. I will be known as the chick that scares little boys.  Let it be known that I only scare little bullies.

Now about Nick. Sigh. His coach started off the season by saying some disparaging remarks about Nick.  He said it under his breath, but it was a windy day and sound traveled; Nick heard everything. Nick is a pleaser. He will listen and work hard; he will do everything you ask of him; he will try his best. He should be a coach's dream. He was having an off day and made errors during the practice. Nothing too serious, but it's hard to hear you are worthless. It basically killed his love of the game. I give him credit. He kept showing up for every practice and game. He wanted to go. He improved immensely, but the love of the game is gone and he doesn't recognize how good he has become. It was/is hard to see this happen.  I wish people knew the impact of their comments, especially when it comes to kids.  Life would be perfect, if everyone knew how much their words weighed.

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