Tuesday, February 28, 2012

It's Tasty.

The most exciting thing to happen here lately is the discovery of a shop called Yogurt Lab.  Basically, it's a self-service frozen yogurt shop. With sixteen flavors to choose from - one being a lowfat nutella - and "a million" toppings, my stomach, heart and mind are in love all at the same time. As the words on the wall say....it's tasty.  Well, it is so much more, but sadly, being this excited about food goes to show you not much is going on around here.If you live in the Minneapolis area, check them out.  They are on the northwest corner of Lake Calhoun right behind Whole Foods.

Another tasty tidbit taking over my life lately is Blake Shelton.  Helllllooooo.  Where have I been?  It was hard, but I finally peeled my eyes off of him and The Voice to do a tiny bit of scrapping.  The Project Life title page that has been on my desk since January is now done. Don't you hate when the vision in your head is so much better than the actual result?  Well, that's what happened, but I'll survive. Blake will help me through it.  HA!

Since I was on a scrapping roll, I joined in on a scrap challenge at Studio Calico.  You scrap the person above you on the thread.  I was lucky to be able to have Tara LeClaire's gallery to choose from.  I fell in love with her, All the ways I love you, layout. Here's my take, which turns out to be very similar to her original. You know what they say...when you have a good thing....  It was a good thing, so I stuck with it. So let it be known, I had no creativity in this at all.  The design is all Tara's. Thank you, Tara, for the inspiration.

Sorry about the quality of the photo.  The grey snowy weather is a pain in the butt for good photos.

And an up close look at the photo on the layout.  What a ham.  I'm sure her mind is screaming this is tasty.  While it is, she had yet to taste frozen yogurt from the Lab and she is far too young to appreciate Blake Shelton's kind of tasty.  Whew about that. 


dawn said...

Can I share my love of Blake with you? Steve & I just saw him live in concert last week. He is amazingly talented and funny!

Your pages are awesome & I love your PL page. I am still working on mine...

kathy said...


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