Friday, February 3, 2012

Let's Pretend....

Oh yes, let's pretend that during the month of January I actually did something creative. Something more creative than lounging on a couch watching re-run after re-run of Sheldon Cooper diving in and out of a ball pit yelling BAZINGA.  Good Lord, I love that man, but he does have some alien-esque mojo going on that makes time evaporate as you watch him.

In all seriousness, after a frenetic month (also known as December) of finishing Project Life 2011 and December Daily 2011, I've been going through scrap burn out.  Hence, my magnetization to the couch. I have been playing around with my Silhouette - not the Cameo.  The one I bought a year ago and used sporadically until the Cameo frenzy hit and I thought hey, that machine is kind of cool. Maybe I should dust it off and use it. Therefore, I have been. A bit here and there.
Now that it is February enough is enough.  It's time to undo the force exerted between those magnetic poles (a.k.a. me and the couch) and move to action.  So here goes.  My goals for February:

  1. Complete the title page for the 2012 Project Life that I started in early January and has now collected enough dust to deem it almost damaged beyond repair.
  2. Get up to date with PL2012 cards before I am once again four months behind and playing catch up like in 2011.  That sucked.  I need to remember that.
  3. Non-scrapwise, move the exercise bike out from hiding. I'm fooling no one into thinking it is a nightstand/iPad holder. On the same line of thought, eat better.  Jeans can only stretch so far.  I am at that limit. Ugh.
They are very do-able to a normal person.  I am not normal.  However, I'll try. 

Before closing, Em and I have been making play dough lately.  I found a link via Pinterest on using Kool-Aid to make it.  Perfect, since her dad does not allow regular Play-Doh into the house. He seriously cannot handle the smell of Play-Doh. Wimp. The recipe here:  Kool-Aid Play Dough turned out great.  Soft, squishy and smells divine.  Enough to placate the olfactory repulsion of anyone. Bazinga!


Mandie said...

Go, D, go!!! You can do anything! & 'sup? :D if loving Shelly is wrong, I so don't wanna be right!

Zorina said...

Yea, still waiting for those Design A page protectors. Hoping I still get the mojo and work on PL 2012, as my excitement is going low now. Goodluck with all your crafty projects!

Diana Albright said...

PL 2012 would not happen for me except I am doing only 5.5 x 8.5 pages. I am very impressed by people who can keep it up for a whole year, which means I am incredibly impressed by you! I want a silhouette or cameo or whatever, but it isn't going to happen, so I'll live vicariously through you (which should give you some motivation to do it more *wink*).

I've only recently started watching Big Bang Theory, but I so love Sheldon too. WTF took me so long?!

You're awesome & I {heart} you!

Diana Albright said...

PS: thanks for posting that playdoh recipe. i must've missed it on Pinterest, and it looks like something fun to do with/for Ez.

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