Thursday, February 7, 2008

Aleida Caught Me...

and now I'm it. Ummm...we're talking Blog Tag. I can't run. I never stood a chance. LOL! So here goes:

Favorite Sites:
Oh good lord...I have never met a website I haven't liked. Well...I could have blocked out the memory of some. Hmmm... Off the top of my head, right now I dig the following:

Challenge Favorites:
Sometimes just completing a layout I like is a challenge, so can I count me? OK - I haven't done a lot of challenges. I actually have been just introduced to them and did one for each of the following:

Guilty Pleasures:
I don't let myself feel too guilty about things, but I probably should in regard to the following:

Babysitting Favorites:
If I had kids, I would assign the following people in charge of my charges:

  • My friend, Jen, who has the best sense of humor and has raised two AMAZING boys
  • My sister, Dana, who is fair and knows how to play like a kid
  • My mom, who claims to want to be a cookie baking grandma and yet doesn't bake. What's with that?

Creative Favorites:
My imagination. Kidding. I would fill this blog completely with names, because I see creativity in everything.

Clothing Favorites:
Anything that doesn't cling to the voluptuous curves of me. I hate anything that binds. If it does, it's gone within a minute or two. My favorite item right now would be:

  • My Skecher slip ons, because I am too lazy to bend over and tie my shoes
  • My 99 cent pair of gloves bought from Target. Cheap and thin - perfect for a little warmth and still having the capability to wear them while using my camera.

Now who to tag - that is the question. I choose:

  • Penny, who I recently "met" via the 365 Photo Challenge.


  • Greta, who should live next door to me.

I completely understand, if either of you would rather not play. :o)


karen (akaliz) said...

i loooove kozy shack! but not the rice. the apple caramel. and it's super cheap on WW!!

is there anybody who doesn't love scenic route? my fave....

Elisabeth said...

Oh, I love the Kozy shack tapioca!!!

Chrissy Le said...

Great links Denise! Thanks for sharing, now off to visit a few of them!

Greta said...

I am just now reading this. I forget that you have this "other" blog besides your photo-a-day one. I'll do my list eventually. ;)

And gee, I do wish I lived next door. Wouldn't that be nice?