Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Thank You, Lisa!

I recently participated in a Valentine's Swap with the members of Studio Calico. We were each assigned a swap buddy and then given a listing of their likes, wants, needs, etc. I was paired up with Lisa C. and once I had her listing (survey) I was off and running. I love to shop for gifts and scrapbook supplies. Combine the two and I am in HEAVEN! My box is complete and on it's way to Lisa. This is the nerve wracking time. Gosh - I hope she likes what I choose. Cross your fingers!
Today I am in complete awe over the wonderful box full of goodies I received from Lisa. First of all, this is the box I came home to find. Isn't that the most amazing packing tape you have ever seen? It was hard to cut through that to open the box. I didn't want to destroy it. I tried to hold off and not open it until Lisa received the box I sent her, which is set to be delivered on Wednesday, but I couldn't. It was too tempting having the box in the house. :o)

Upon opening the box I found that it was stuffed completely full of goodies. My heart started racing. It was like Christmas morning. I was so excited. Here's a photo of everything Lisa choose for me:

You can't tell from the above photo, but there was a massive amount of patterned paper. Here's a little sample of each:

The box was loaded with treats. Chocolate and more chocolate. This heart tin is filled with chocolates that are each covered with stamped (?) stickers. What a great idea! I cannot wait to make a few of these to give out on Valentine's Day.

Thank you so very much, Lisa. I am so excited to use all these items. You choices were perfect and I am utterly amazed at your generosity. I am awestruck. Thank you...thank you so very much!


Close To Home said...

THat is sooo great! HAVE FUN!

Greta said...

Yay! What fun! Enjoy all your new stuff! :)

ricanlaw said...

You've been tagged (don't hate me) see my blog for details. :)

moonlightgrrl said...

so much fun stuff in there! you were going to split it with me right?? ;)

have fun playing, girlie!! i hope you get to go home early today.