Friday, May 16, 2008

Birthday Wishes to Aleida

Happiest Birthday to Aleida! Not only does she get a rare and original card made by my two hands, but she also gets my friendship, which they say...priceless. Oh lucky can one chick get? Would you rather have cash? ;o)
Enjoy your day friend!


dawn said...

Hey Denise! That is one FAB card that you made for Aleida. And who would want cash more than your friendship (and mine too!) Truly priceless! LOL! Just imagine the trouble we could get into if we were celebrating together....Oh MY!!!! :-)

Jacquie said...

Your card is really cute! And I would not want cash either...I'd rather be your friend too!

ricanlaw said...

Not saying that I don't need cash (don't we are during these times) but hell no, DON'T WANT IT. My treat is that we've met (online) one day irl I'm hoping. You make me laugh everyday. I love your stories and great sense of humor. I received that card of true loveliness...ladies it is muy especial in person for real. I love it and she sent me some goodness that I don't have. I was so spoiled rotten by all of you and I appreciate it and it made me smile. I want your friendship, you can keep the money for yourself. Just bat those beautiful eyes my way okay?

ricanlaw said...

I'm back because I wanted to say again that I love my card!