Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Learning to Fly

How happy is this? So unlike me. I never know what to do with butterflies, rhinestones and frilly stuff, so this was a challenge. Needed to get out of my comfort zone and this did it a bit. So there that is all I have to say about that. It's light blue, it's orange, it's butterflied and rhinestoned and it scared the bejeevers out of me.
Story behind the photos: Emily looks like she is having a great time swinging with all her might in the photo strip. Her goal was not to soar amongst the crows. It was to kick me in the belly. Yep...she is a little demon.


vtpuggirl said...

This layout is so gorgeous!! Love the colors, just perfect!

Close To Home said...

That is some serious great scrapping. Give me some great ideas. :-)

karen akaliz said...

this rocks! i loooove what you did with those stamps!

(and i am cracking up about the story about her main goal of swinging--sorry! it's just too funny. but i hope that you're ok.)

Greta said...

Gorgeous layout!! Denise, I must say that you have been putting out some awesome stuff lately! Your are inspiring me. :)