Friday, February 13, 2009

How'd that get here so fast?

Really? Wasn't it just Christmas? I am still finishing projects from then, so what the heck happened? Last night around midnight I realized I needed to do something about this love holiday. Love...Love...Love. OK...don't get me wrong, but why do we need Valentine's Day? Isn't this something we should be doing everyday? Maybe not the flowers, chocolate and cards, but the professing our love part. Maybe I am being critical. I don't know. Like I said...don't get me wrong...I love letting people you love know they are loved, but I can do that without a holiday. I feel like I just shot cupid with an uzi. Sorry little diaper dude. We don't need another person out of work, so I will play along and be nice.
All that ranting just to say...see the thing above? That is what all my sweeties will be getting tomorrow. Don't be thinking I am a multi-dater. I'm not. These will be for all my little loves. I made (and will be making) a whole variety and will fill them with candy and gift cards.
In the non-scrapping realm, I have book club tonight. My book club is hysterical. Three minutes of book talk and four hours of fun and fabulous chit chat. Tonight I am going to push for more than three minutes, because I did not read an 800 page book just to say it was good. I need at least eight minutes. ;o) review. Long book. Half could have been deleted. I have no idea what the title means and that irks me. I hope someone else knows and can tell me within the eight minutes period.
Oh and look what I got this morning. They are not related to valentine's day. I love that.

In case I don't post tomorrow, I want to wish you all a very happy Valentine's Day. May Cupid be nice to you, if he hasn't already.


Anonymous said...

oooo i love tulips! Hey congrats you won the rak on my blog! need your mailing addy

Susan Beth said...

Love the valentine, and envious of the tulips. Haven't read the book, but the title is from the hymn "Amazing Grace" and it refers to how the Grace of God appeared "the hour I first believed" and it saved me from metaphorically being lost and blind to the truth. Again, I don't know if that is what the author was referring to, but it is the only reference I'm aware of.

Anne aka Anniescraps said...

Wow, I love the color of the tulips, so delightful. What is the occasion other than the queen deserves flowers? :-) I loved the first two books of Wally Lamb, I feel so out of touch reading wise. Maybe I'll catch up next year. Do you recommend it or is it truly a story that could have been told in fewer words?
Your sweeties are very lucky indeed. Happy Valentines Day and thank you for not totally depressing cupid by laying him off. Tight job market as you know, heck he still can't afford clothing, just continues to fly around in a diaper. That must be embarassing not to mention cold.

Anne aka Anniescraps said...

Susan Beth, that is my favorite hymn:-)

Anne aka Anniescraps said...

LOLOL I hate to admit this I had to go look up your birthday, I was frightened that I might of forgot it :::blush::

walesk said...

-vday is stupid!
-I LOVE that tin you made!! super cute
-make sure the 3min of book talk is all you? ;)
-love the tulips!

dawn said...

Do I spy some gorgeous TC paper? I LOVE your project! That is so cute! I wish I was in a book club. I really like discussing peoples interpritations (sp?) Anyways...gorgeous tulips. How many days til Spring??

Larajc said...

You crack me up Denise! Too funny! Love reading your blog! Enjoy the day tomorrow, the book club tonight and love your project!

*reyanna klein* said...

I feel the same way about Valentine's Day. We should tell each other every day. :)

But if we're saying that about one holiday, shouldn't we say the same about being thankful and Thanksgiving and giving and Christmas?! LOL. It's just a reminder to the people who don't usually think those things, I suppose. :)

Lauren said...

I still don't know if you liked that book..I love Wally Lamb so I am curious how it was..
Happy V-day!

Lauren said...

I still don't know if you liked that book..I love Wally Lamb so I am curious how it was..
Happy V-day!

Helsbells said...

Gorgeous tulips :D

Jenn said...

Mmmmm. Your "little people" (or smallies as we like to call them) are so lucky to have a fun auntie like you! I claim being sick this year drained any creativity I may have had toward Valentines. :P

I don't know anything about the book and 800 pages sounds like too much of a commitment to me-so I'll move on to the flowers-GORGEOUS!!