Tuesday, February 24, 2009

She Wants to Be Like Liz.

Doesn't everybody want to be like Liz? I think so. This past weekend Emily decided that she wanted to do an Ew to New project. I showed her what Liz has done and she was hooked. I have a tenant that is in marketing. He designs plaques, tshirts and you name its to sell in catalogs. This December he came into my office with a box full of blank plaques and plaques with errors. I thought of Ew to New right away, but I am a procrastinator. It took Emily to get me going. So this is what she did. Please remember this is the same girl from the last post that steals all my scrap supplies to make head bands. Great...now she is on to signs. There goes the rest of my supplies. LOL!

She started with the plaque and a small audience - me and her doll.

With my help she cut a piece of pattern paper (yes Cindy...that is the sheet you just gave me) and adhered it to the plaque. She then found the wooden letters that I was saving to make door signs for each of the kids. Too bad Nick and Jake. You are now out of luck as she used up two for her project. The N will be going to Goodwill unless she decides to Bedazzle it. Next she added a few rub-ons from one of my Studio Calico kits. Not shown in this photo is a full sheet of October Afternoon rubons she used to cover the letters. Yes...a full sheet.

And ta da! She now has artwork for her room. Notice the full sheet of October Afternoon rub ons? They are there...under the two full sheets of Kaiser flower rhinestones. The girls is an embellishment addict. It sounds like I am uptight about all the embellishment usage. I really am not. I think she is just like me. We both get a thrill out of using up full packages of stuff. When I first started scrapping it was never ok to leave one sticker remaining on a sheet. I would find room on the layout. I had amazing style then. Not. She has always had better style than me. This is Em and her artwork. Why the E and the J? The E is self-explanatory. The J is for Julie. They share a bedroom.

She did that this weekend and I finished up this:

Thanks for stopping by! I hope Wednesday is good to you!


lauren said...

That is too stinking sweet!!! Thanks for sharing that wonderful ew to new! :)

Mye said...

Aww...ain't that the cutest!!

karen m. (akaliz) said...

how stinkin' cute is that??? what a sweetie. she needs a blog!

and i CANNOT stop laughing about "...except the one where you want to fly. that never ends well." that is so my sense of humor.

Anilu Magloire said...

Aw!!! Such a crafty girlie!
Love the page. That row of felt flowers looks amazing :)

Kimber-Leigh said...

so cute! love how you're encouraging her creativity!

Greta said...

I want to be like Liz too!
The sign is so funny (in it's original state).
Em's final result is great - she's an artist for sure! :)
I tried clicking on the pictures to see the rub-ons. But, it didn't work.
Nor could I read the journaling on the layout. It is super cute though - totally my style. Love the line of flowers. :)

Close To Home said...

that is adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a creative girl!!!!!!!!!!!

love that layout- i love ALL your pages!

Kristii said...

That is soooo awesome!! You are so blessed that you have a girl who will steal your supplies!!! What an awesome project!! Love your layout too!! Awesome!!

dawn said...

What a great job she did! Liz is an inspiration to us all!! :-)