Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Oh my gosh...What Happened to Me?

My fabulous friend, Waleska, tagged me. I never have been very good at running, so I didn't stand a chance. LOL! This is what it is all about:
  • Take a picture of yourself right now. No primping or preparing. Just snap a picture.
  • Load the picture onto your blog.
  • Tag three people to play. Remember, if you are tagged, we will all be heading to your blog to see if you played along.

Here you go.

Don't believe that is me? Well, that is how I feel today. LOL! So I cut my own hair this past weekend. I wasn't drunk, overly tired or on any medication, so there is no good explanation as to why I would do this. I just did it and I used scrapbooking sissors. Thought I was talented enough to do it. Not. Wondered why do people go to school to do this? Yeah...I know now. Whatever. I also had a chemical peel last week. What does this all mean? My skin is flaky and my hair is limp. I usually look better. Who am I kidding. I don't. I just pretend I do. Without further ado here I am. Run.

Now who should I tag? Good question. I choose: Aimee, Diana and Judi.


walesk said...

no fair! you got a new do and a peel?! of course you look fabulous, girl! :)

Mye said...

Look at you...you're a cutie!

aimee said...

well, i don't look fab or cute! but i did it...ick!

Greta.B said...

I love, love, love your hairstyle in that first one. Are you under the weather though? Your color doesn't look quite right.

You look much better in the second one though! can you come give me a haircut? please? I hate going get it cut.

Anonymous said...

Why, I think you look fabulous. You did a great job with your hair! I could never have done that...I once tried to cut around my ears and that turned into a disaster.

Great post...soooo funny.

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karen m. (akaliz) said...

you got a new do? and what the heck is a peel? you got appeal...that has to be what you meant.

dawn said...

You girls are very brave. Thanks for not tagging me. I think I might scare ya!

Kristii said...

You crack me up girl!!! and you do look fabulous!!!

Anne aka Anniescraps said...

You Loooooooooooooooooook Maaaaaaarvelouuuuuuuuussssss :-)