Friday, March 13, 2009

Sweet Memories (Calorie and Fat Free)

I received an email telling me I need to blog more often. Huh? Why? I thought it over and figured out why that person was wrong and I shouldn't blog more often. It's all because of you. I don't want to overwhelm you with my wit, creativity and...well...forget it. I don't blog everyday, because I am not organize enough to do so and I certainly do not lead such an exciting life that deems perpetual updating on this here blog. I mean if you want to hear about this week's Ghost Hunter episode or the latest and greatest excuse I have heard from one of my tenants on why they are paying rent late I could post everyday. Nope...I didn't think that would interest you, so I will stick to my routine. Do I hear a HUGE sigh of relief? Oh wait...that was me.

Journaling: The summer of 2008. Great memories of staying cool in the pool and hoarding all the tubes no matter how high pitched the other's whined.
With saying that...I finished up a layout, while watching Ghost Hunters. This layout has been staring at me for a couple of weeks. I had the circle portion and green wave done and the photo plopped into place, but didn't know where to go. I'm a simple and plain scrapper, but even I admit this is on the verge of me having to justify why I even buy embellishments. I wanted to pull out all my jewel-encrusted brads and use them all willy nilly over the layout just to prove I could. I resisted and used the one piece of Flair. OOoooo...scary. I better run out immediately and stock up on some more Flair as I will soon run out. Not.TEXTURE

This I am excited about. Yesterday on the message board at Studio Calico I read a thread about adding texture to photos. Elisa's layout, Butterfly, is awesome and this thread finally gave me the push to really want to learn about adding texture. Within that thread, she provided a link to a tutorial that she wrote up. It was written perfectly - easy to understand. Thank you Elisa! So I tried and the following is my first attempt. The top photo is the original with just a bit of contrast correction. The middle is the texture I used. It was found here: Urban Dirty. The bottom is the final result. I still have a lot to learn, but I thought it was a good outcome for a first attempt.

So texture is fun, especially when you get to work on photos with cuties, like Jake. Now I want to texture everything. That's the problem with me and trying new things - it's all or nothing. I will try to restrain myself, but the following blurb will prove I have no resistance to anything.
Resistance. I wish. Since no blog entry would be complete without a mention of my current food frenzy, here goes. Dang the Girl Scouts! They look all sweet and innocent dressed in their little uniforms. Little does the world realize that they are diabolical and out to take over the world by making all our butts so big we can't move.
Yes, the cookies are in da house and they are on their way out via my mouth. Next year I am installing an anti-Girl Scout device on my front step. Once they step on it and it senses that they are "scouts" it will send them flying in the air right to my skinny neighbor's front step. Take that, lady with no butt! on!
Before I forget...I will be hosting the next BASB challenge. I hope you can all participate as I am not above saying my fear is that no one will participate.'s said. Look for an update on my blog this Sunday or Monday. I am not above bribing anyone by saying that the prize is one of those elusive Fiskar border punches. Which one? Well, you will have to wait for that.
Thanks for hanging out with me for a bit. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. If you have an urge for a Thin Mint, stop on by. My behind will thank you.


Terri said...

OMG I ate the whole box of Samoas last weekend (in one sitting). sugar overload. oh you really make me want my rubons and stamps from storage now.... Love this layout. PS - I saved a box of mints or this weekend! YEAH girl scouts!

Anonymous said...

My butt would thank you too!! Cookies are my downfall any kind or flavor just so long as they are cookies...My most recent urges are on Pepperidge Farm... Chessman, Tahiti Coconut and Orange filled Milano...I shudder to think what I might do if I was around Girl Scout Cookies!!

Nice Layout!!


Red_Inc. said...

chocolate and mint....yum -there is no better combination!!
i love your layout and that texture on the photo is very cool - it makes me want to finally try pse!

vtpuggirl said...

You have my attention with the cookies and the punches, (grins). Why can't I find a girl scout anywhere, I need some cookies.

Lyn said...

Love the layout, and you did a great job with the texturing!

Greta.B said...

Super fun layout and the picture on it is awesome! Love the different color inner tubes. Reminds me of a picture I have of a niece who is standing inside a huge stack of tubes with only her head poking out. I need to find that one. It's pre-digital so I know I should still have it. :) See how I made this about me and not you and your fab creation? I'm sorry to take over your blog. But I'm not, because I feel like rambling.

The texturizing of the photo is so cool!!! The one you used is perfect on that photo and really adds a lot of character I think. I need to look into this and give it a try sometime.

Elisa said...

Gorgeous LO, it's simple & perfect.
Well done with the textured photo, I am glad you managed to understand what I wrote!

walesk said...

I LOVE how your photo looks with the texture!!