Sunday, March 8, 2009

What's Up, Sour Puss?

Sorry. I'm not impling (or is it inferring) that you are a sour puss. The sour puss is the little chicita below. She's normally not one either, but for a small moment in her life she got caught.
So do you know how you plan to be ultra creative and you actually have a weekend to do so AND you are super excited about it? Well, it will never work out as planned. That was my weekend and this is what I did. That's it. One layout. I have one thing to say about it. As stated above she is never pouty. Well, rarely. I have to say that here, because one day she is going to find my blog and wonder why I would lie. I have to keep it real, because someday she will be supporting me and I want her to pick out a nice nursing home. Love ya, Em. Friendship Village is a really nice home for seniors. Just a hint.
To be quite honest I also made a card. I was doing the Inspired DT challenge at Studio Calico. This week's DT was Nicole Samuels. I really like this card she made: Love Card. Thought I would make a clear card, too. Have you ever tried to make a clear card? I am giving Nicole credit. It is not easy. You get fingerprints everywhere, static cling and dust globs magnetizing to the acrylic and then on top of that you have to creatively hide the adhesive. Remember above where I stated there was no creativity this weekend? That was true about hiding the adhesive. LOL! wasn't that bad. I came up with this. Not even close to the masterpiece of Nicole's, but I tried. Oh and photographing a clear card is even harder than making one. For sure!

So while I wasn't busy being unproductive, I was shopping. Have you seen the little gems in the photo below? They are the new border punches by EK Success. I am not normally a punch person, but had to have these. I went way overboard, but they were on sale and...uh...oh forget it...idon't have to make any excuses. I bought them and that is that. Anyway...I like that the designs are more petite/finer than Fiskars and I love that they have a little switch on the bottom that holds the punch closed. Easier to store. The only disappointment I have is that the zigzag one is pictured as if it has stitch lines. The punch out does not. Maybe I got a faulty one. Anyone else have one that does have the stitch lines? Let me know. You can find these at Michael's. Head there now and don't forget your coupon!
Well, that's enough from me. I hope you have a wonderful Monday! Thanks for stopping by.


walesk said...

oh, boy! why did I come here? it looks like I missed one that I must have... no wait. I think I see another one. that wavy one is cute too. hmmm :P

walesk said...

oh, sorry I got distracted by pretty punches! show me border punches or shoes and I totally lose focus lol

so, I was saying... I LOVE your page. that picture! my goodness... her face is priceless. and the card is so super cute! looks like a little happy house :)

Greta.B said...

well, she's still just as cute even when she's being a sour puss. lol. love that you captured her in rare form. :)

did you really need to show these punches? I'm trying to be good!

Rita said...

What a great pic of your DD! Love it! I'm jealous of all of those punches...I would be in heaven!

dawn said...

Love the LO. Love the card. Love the punches. I have been eye-ing them at Michael's, but have been good. :-)

Amy Adams (aka Scrapitgal) said...

Love your LO!! Oh man, I was at a crop all weekend too and my bff had some of those punches. LOVE them!! Love how they are light weight and stack!! Did you leave any for us!! LOL!!!!

Aimee said...

i haven't seen those punches! those are awesome. i have a thing for border punches... they make my world complete. now i'm going to have to get some of those, thanks a lot ;)

Kristii said...

Love those punches, I contemplated buying one and I decided I better not spend the money just yet! Love your layout and the clear card is awesome!! You rock my friend!!

Close To Home said...

oh are such an enabler! i had thoughts of entering out into michael's today even before reading this...doggone it! LOL! spending money I don't have!!!

i love that card..and the page. i would so fail at clear cards- the thumbprint thing would be quite tricky.

Elisa said...

Fun LO, must do a similar for my DD, who has these moments a little more often than your niece.
And the punches, wow, gorgeous stuff.

Anilu Magloire said...

OMG! I absolutely love that LO. The pic, the pp you chose, the tiny frame... Everything fits!

Now, I need all those punches NOW!!
I will go to M's tomorrow fo sho!

Love the clear card. Crazy cool.

Ki said...

Your page is great and it's more than I got done! Holy moly punch heaven! The card is adorable!

laverneboese said...

hmmm, where to start...i'm happy you got your cookies! i love your acrylic card. i can't make 'em and would totally suck at photographing them. the "sourpuss" layout is adorable and you were smart to cover your behind and write something nice about Emily. she might be wiping your little booty one day :)and i have that zigzag punch as well. the "stitches" are almost visible if you squeeze the heck out of your punch ;)

karen m. (akaliz) said...

holy crap Denise! that's all i have to say about that.

oh, and the layout is waaay cute. what a great pic!