Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Baby Book in a Week, a.k.a WTHeck Was I Thinking!

I am a procrastinator.
I am the worst kind of procrastinator. Let's just admit that and get it out of the way. I have tried fixing this throughout my life, but it is a losing cause and I have given up. However, deciding to do a baby album a week before I needed to give it as a gift is even beyond my usual norm.
But that's what I did.
Last week I decided to make a mini album - brag book size - slap down photo, adhere and stick on a Paperkin. Yeah. Nothing too trying. Until word got out amongst the family and that mini album turned into a project. Family....you gotta love them. Actually, do you really? ;o)
So I did and I completed it in a week and it turned out good. Not great. Not supreme. Just good. I am happy with it. I made the layouts super simple and fast. I left a lot of blank spaces for her to write in. I think it will be more personal that way, plus it took two days off of the project. Yep...a shortcut with a reason.
Tonight I gave the scrapbook to her and honestly her reaction outdid what I even expected. Upon meeting my Baby Cousin I think I pretty much would do it for him again. Even if I only had one day. I mean how could you turn this guy down?
He had me at hello. He had me at goo. He had me..... Well, he has me.
So here is what I ended up with:

Not too bad for a one week notice. Give me another week and I would have added a lot more sparkle and glitter. Oh well. There is an add-on gift to this gift. For one year I will make layouts and send them to my cousin (the baby's mom) for her to add to the book. I bet you are thinking she should have all those layouts by the time Jonah is ten. You just may be right. ;o)

Thanks for putting up with my rambling. One day I will learn how to summarize, but that is on my list of things to do. Ha!

Enjoy your day!


walesk said...

holy smokes! you did ALL that in one week?! I am super impressed! you are super awesome and so are all those gorgeous pages! wow! I'm glad she liked it. and oh, my what an adorable baby :)

Anne aka Anniescraps said...

what sweet is he? O MY I just have the urge to scoop him up and kiss his toes. The album is adorable. I must scrap lift the whole thing :-)back to the precious babe he is the bee's knees lucky you!

Briana said...

Oh my gosh . . . that is beyond fabulous. I love the page with the entire page of rubs. I love the colors and PP choices and you did just the right amount of goodness as usual. It doesn't look like a rush job AT ALL.
And he really is adorable and I'm not a baby person. But he really is.

Zorina said...

OMG! can we be relatives, too? LOL!
That work was so impressive and outstanding. love, love all of it. Glad she liked it, cute baby boy!

Jenn said...

awesome, love how clean and simple the pages are, easy to replicate.

Greta said...

He is a doll! He's still young enough that it's okay to say "doll" about a boy, right? I can see why he had you at goo.

And the album - what a gift! I'm sure they will treasure it for years to come. I can't believe how quick you were able to do all of that! Fabulous work!!

Allison W said...

So cute and amazing that you did it in a week!!

Sara*P said...

Cute baby book! I never could have done so many awesome pages in a week - I love how you used the Hambly rub-ons all together. What a sweet little guy!

Kelly said...

This is so Fabulous Denise!!

lisa truesdell said...

dang - all in one week? and it's just as cute as the baby!

Jenn said...

Denise, I am a procrastinater too! I think you did a great job on the album and I know she just loved it! The first picture with the cereal all over his face is precious!

vtpuggirl said...

You went above and beyond the call of duty. And I'm impressed you used the good stuff (SC) to give away!! Well, that's what it's for I guess. LOL at your comment on my blog.

dawn said...

THis baby book totally rocks! In one week you put together memories for a lifetime. What a beautiful treasure! :-)

mommy2alex said...

That is so stinkin cute!! And he is adorable!!! You rock girlie:)