Monday, August 31, 2009

Get Rid of the Thickers: The Results, part 1

You know...setting a goal of using up three packages of Thickers was probably overstating a possiblity. I have come to the conclusion that using up one sheet of Thickers in one weekend is almost an impossiblity. This is actually a good thing. You get your money worth that is for certain. Well, in my quest I did finish off almost two complete sets and all the sevens from every sheet I own. Well, almost.

Today I will share just a few of the layouts I did. I actually did a whopping three. Remove the whopping. It's more like piddily. I wasn't in a layout mood. I was in a card mood and I made enough to cover every birthday, howdy do and I'm sorry until 2011. Yes...I preplan that I am going to irk at least one of my friends and need to apologize. Pretty smart, because it is hard to make a card when you have a foot in your mouth. Anyway...I will share the cards tomorrow.

Here you go:

The layout above shows the explanation of why my sewing machine feeder foot is full of sticky back foam and chipboard. The sewing came out wanky and messy, but it wasn't going to be a perfect thing anyway. I like it even though I am anal and uptight about things being clean and aligned.

Sun Soaked sat on my desk half done for weeks. It still is unfinished, but only by a quarter. I just can't stand to stare at it anymore. I mean I could stare at the little girl in the photo forever...just not the rest.

The other layout I made I LOVE LOVE LOVE. I just haven't photgraphed it yet. Think of this as a soap opera cliffhanger. Or not. I hate cliffhangers. They always let you down. My layout won't though, because it is a masterpiece. Yeah...not really.

Now I have a confession. My intentions with these challenges are to reduce my overstock or use things I buy and rarely use. So what do I do this weekend? I buy more Thickers. What an idiot. Ugh.


Kimber-Leigh said...

i think your sewing looks great :) and a fabulous idea for a challenge.

Zorina said...

That's a lovely LO on Thickers. And the sewing is awesome. Way to go, Ms. D!

Amy Coose said...

LOVE both of these, and that first one is just fabu!!! LOL about your buying!!!

Anilu Magloire said...

DUDE!!! You are rocking the thickers like it's nobody's business. Yeah, you are!

Greta said...

Are you ready to come here and start working on my Thicker stash? Love the layout with all the sevens - perfect use of lots of thickers. That sure is a lot of 7s!

I hope the wind doesn't blow too hard because I'm gonna fall off this cliff soon. Please show the other one!

I like your plan of pre-planning and making cards ahead of time. I should be more like you.

waleska said...

these are great, Denise!! way to rock the thickers. now go use the new ones. do you need me to challenge you? mix the old and the new. how about use different fonts but the same color? there! go :)

Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

You always make me laugh! What a crackup! I love your layouts! The stitching on the 7 layout doesn't look wanky to me, it looks awesome!

Erika said...

om gosh you crack me up.. You are gonna need on of those 7s one day! LOL!

Ki said...

Your sewing looks fantastic! It wouldn't look right any other way!! Love looking at all your beautiful creations and creative ideas!!