Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Circle Journals: Jen and Greta

I currently have two circle journals in my possession after a couple months of none. The break was great, but when these books showed up ready for my input I drew a blank. I couldn't remember how to start. LOL! It eventually came back to me. We are almost at the end of the journey with this project. In fact, I think my layout was the final for Jen's and Greta's just needs one more. It is very exciting knowing that very soon we will all have our albums back.

First up is Jen Armentrout's journal. Her guidelines are based on favorites. She asked that we scrap a favorite photo using a favorite technique with a favorite product. She sure took the theme to the extreme and I love that. Speaking of love, I love this photo of Nick. I just used it a couple of weeks ago for a different layout. Whenever I look at this I crack up, because I remember how hard he tried not to laugh and all it took was one word from me and he lost it. Good times. Favorite technique was a few different things - sewing, punching, using fabric and stamping. For favorite product I bent the rules a bit and choose Studio Calico. I have never met a kit I haven't liked. Almost everything on this layout is from one or another of their kits. Jen also included a questionnaire on favorites. I think she didn't miss a thing when putting her journal together!
Next is my layout for Greta Baksa's journal. Her theme was life lessons. I have lived a long time and have learned (and not learned) a lot of lessons, but do you think I could think of one on demand. Nope. It took awhile, but I found one - Appreciate what you have and you won't need anything else. Pretty basic and probably one of the most important lessons you can learn. I had to use polka dots on G's journal. Whenever I see polka dots it reminds me of her. My first idea for a life lesson was Slow down and smell the roses. I was going to use a copy of my speeding ticket from two weeks ago as the background photo. The idea didn't pan out, but it would have been hilarious.
So that's it for scraps and circle journals.
On a completely different topic. Why in the world am I sitting here watching Shark Week on Discovery? It is really grossing me out. This; however, may explain why on Jen's questionnaire I listed Great White Shark as my favorite animal. That came out of the blue. Now I know it is due to watching too much tv. LOL!
Thanks for stopping by today! Have a great one!


Anilu Magloire said...

Absolutely LOVE them both!

Sasha said...

Love those LO's. The color schemes are just fab. Thanks for sharing them!

lauren said...

GIRLIE!! Your enteries are CUTE!!!!

Greta said...

I was basically speechless for a bit there. Now that I've composed myself I can comment. What's up with me today, what's with the emotions?

First, for Jen's...the typewriter font, the camera, the picture, the design...perfection. You have inspired me. I want to go scrap right now.

As for mine, thank you seems less than adequate. Love the entire thing. You had me at the polka dots and the lesson learned is one I need to be reminded of daily. That photo is amazing as well. I love seeing kids outdoors and looking at the butterfly net and their smiles, I just can't help but smile and think, "Yes, life is good." Sigh. You have made my day. THANK YOU! :)

Rita said...

Fabulous pages! What a great thing to have when it is all complete!

vtpuggirl said...

These are awesome! Love that theme, life lessons! That's a good one!

*reyanna klein* said...

Cute! :)

And sharks, huh?! Have you seen that episode of Friends?! The One with the Sharks?! It's one of my favorite episodes. Hilarious. Your post made me think of that. Funny as heck. :-p

Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

Your circle journal layouts are AWESOME! I love them both!!!

casey boyd said...

Great pages for the journals!! And the life lesson...Simply Perfect!

Larajc said...

both pages are very creative! Love them!

mommy2alex said...

Those are great!!
Circle Journals sound so fun...next time you need someone, let me know, I'd love to play!
btw, LMAO at the thought of the speeding ticket layout, I think you should definitely still do it as a layout for yourself!!!