Friday, April 16, 2010

Twelve Step Posey Problems name is Denise and I am addicted to crac.....pleated flowers. Not that I want to be addicted to crack, but somehow in my head it seems a little more exciting saying that than stating you are addicted to folding paper into posies. Well, it is what it is. So while I haven't been putting out a lot of layouts and projects lately, I have been folding paper. I estimate that in two years, four months and three days I will use up my last sheet of pattern paper - all on flowers. By that time I may also be driven to use crack. Sorry...I shouldn't tease about stuff like that.

Thanks go to Judi who started a thread on Studio Calico asking for links explaining how to make pleated/accordion flowers. Also to thank are Emily for her Pleated Flower tutorial on the Studio Calico blog and Lisa for her Tattered Flower tutorial on her blog. From that I have the follow and a pile more on my desk:


Tonya said...

Look at you! You are one flower makin' fool! :)

Love your LO right below this post!

Zorina said...

Love,love, love it! its all about spring flowers, eh? How I wish I still have time to do crafty stuff.
Hugs to yah.

mommy2alex said...

Those are so stinkin cute!!
Perfect for cards, which are the bane of my existence, but I will NOT buy cards, I shall force myself to make them. Now I will go learn how to make those flowers and lift your card ideas, thank you!!!

Mandie said...

denise! these cards are soooo pretty! LOVE them!