Monday, April 19, 2010

BASB Challenge: No Photos Allowed

Personal Assistant.
Must possess organization skills and have a paddle,

because today it is all up hill against the current

and the sharks are circling.

I haven't had any takers on the above yet. I think it is a lost cause. They see the chaos and run in the opposite direction. Seriously, all I really need is a cleaner to come once a month, one cabana boy that knows how to mix drinks and vacuum the pool preferably wearing a sequined Speedo and a handyman to fix those little projects around that house that never get priority. Oh and a gardener, because let's face it...the weeds have taken over and there is no way out now without a blow torch. So enough whining. When one is overcome by life's deluge of scraps. Here's a bit of what I did while avoiding the real world:

The above was done for the current BASB challenge. Diana's challenge is to make a layout without photos. The goal listed in the journaling has already been failed. Just keeping it truthful and real.

The following are the final pages for the scrapbook I am making my cousin. I cannot believe the little guy is already a year old and walking. Actually, he dances more than he walks. Favorite dancing tune of the moment seems to be Single Ladies - the Chipmunks version. The kid has great taste. I will have to introduce him to the Glee version the next time he is in Minnesota.

Lastly, is a layout I did for last weeks sketch challenge for Studio Calico. I missed the deadline, but whatever.

The Sketch by Susan Weinroth:
My take:Yeah...I kind of like this last layout. The sketch is exactly what I needed. I've been staring at these photos for almost a year. Ugh.

Well, it's off to water aerobics to me. Seems like a good place to interview potential cabana boys, but believe me it's not. All my fellow aerobi-sizers are 70+ year old women. Well, except for my friend, Jenny, but she steadfastly refuses to serve me drinks poolside. Whatever. The ad states cabana boy, which she is not. I shall keep looking.


Anna Sigga said...

Great layouts and love your take on the SC challenge!

Anilu Magloire said...

D, I wanna scrap like you!!!!!!

Keshka said...

OOh, I just love these, Denise! My fave is the first, because I love the label! Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog--made my day!

Barb said...

How'd you do that last one with the circles? Is the white circle part a chipboard negative?

I love it!

vtpuggirl said...

Very best of luck in your search. :) Good help is hard to find I tell ya! Love your layouts, the love one melts my heart.

Mandie said...

D- LOVE the layouts! fabulous just like you!!!

Briana Johnson said...

I am insane about your usage of the woodgrain stuff. Love the page with the brown on brown. And the one with scattered frames on yellow - delish!

Briana Johnson said...

when you gonna update this baby? Where's the action? You are making it hard for me to stalk you.