Saturday, April 10, 2010

BASB Challenge - Use Your Favorite Manufacturer

There's a new challenge on the BASB blog. This time hosted by Ki. Her challenge is to use your favorite manufacturer and, if you wish, take it a step further and post it on the manufacturer's website/gallery/blog. While I couldn't post my layout on the manufacturer's gallery as the little dude in the photo does not belong to me, I think it is just the push some need to put themselves out there and potentially benefit. I see so many great layouts from unknowns (meaning your not Ali Edwards) that would be an asset to the manufacturer, if only it had been shared on their website. Rambling here, so to make it short. Push yourself. Get out of your box. Post to manufacturers sites and perhaps by doing so you will find you are what we have all been looking for - a new "Ali". But first enter it into the BASB challenge. LOL

Here's a link to the challenge: BASB. My layout was done using October Afternoon. Love OA. I am still working on the first year scrapbook for my cousin and my mini cousin, who is the cutie in the photos. These layouts are all without journaling, so my cousin can personalize the pages. Makes it easy for me. Whew.

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