Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mr. Jack and Mr. Clean....I Love them Both.

This week was busy.

I loved it
My "stand in" godson had his graduation open house yesterday.  
Not to mention a parade and concert before hand.  
He's in a drum corp and carries the largest bass drum.  
Music is his life and love.  

I guess you can tell where he is headed next year due to the shirt.  
He is so excited and so am I.
He is awesome.  End of story.
OK...not end of story, but enough said here.  

Due to my love of procrastination, I spent the week working on his gift.  Let's just say that I made his graduation card three years ago.  I planned what I would make him three years ago as I gave a similar gift to his brother - my actual godson.  I started buying gift cards months ago, but the gift card holder construction began this week.  Squeaked it out in the nick of time.
This is what it ended up looking like.

I was going to add wording under Jack's, like cards or something.  However, I ended up putting other items in it other than gcs.
Sometimes less is more.  

Here's the inner pages:

Each inner page is a folder-like/envelope to hold gift cards.  
I have to thank my BASB buddies for their input along the way.
They played a huge part in helping me with this by giving me
suggestions, feedback and listening to my incessant whining.  

  Thank goodness for friends! 

 So it is finally done and it has been given.  A friend asked that I list what gift cards I put in the holder.  Basically it is a variety.  The main thing I did do was research what shops and restaurants were around the campus that Jack is going to attend.  I also took into consideration that he would be shopping for dorm items before hand, so cards to Bed Bath and Beyond, Kohl's and Target were added for that.  To complete his gift I bought a medium sized Rubbermaid storage container and filled it with items, like a sewing kit, safety pins, first aid kit, microwaveable food, cereal, peanut butter, a laundry bag, plastic utensils, Kleenex and the oh so important - room deodorizing spray.  Almost anything will work.  I should have put a big framed photo of me in that.  Darn.  I will have to send that after he is there.  ;o)  I threw everything in the container, including the gift card holder, and snapped on the lid.  No wrapping required.  Done.  He loved it. 

 And now it is on to cleaning.    
Someone send this man to me.

I can now solely focus on cleaning and organizing the rest of my scrap area.  That re-begins today.  I am actually very excited about this now.  Before all I could think of finishing the project.  I better get crackin' before I figure out that sitting on a computer is way more fun than cleaning.  HA!  

Thanks for stopping by!

Enjoy your day!


waleska said...

congrats to him! your album is fabulous, Denise! what a great idea. I think I might copy you :)

Briana Johnson said...

It's really a mini book work of art! Love the texture the sewing adds. I love the side shot so you can see your mix of goodness. This is such a wonderful, special idea. I knew he would love it. I'm crazy about the cover.

amy said...

that's so cool....a GREAT gift!!!!

debbieback said...

he couldn't have a better 'stand-in' godmother !~ such a thoughtful gift. it turned out awesome. =)

JennO said...

Amazing gift! Creative AND uber useful--the best kind. He's a lucky guy, but I'm guessing you'd say that you're the lucky one to know him. :)

Ki said...

WOW, WOW, WOW....the book is amazing! Something he'll treasure long after the gift cards are gone for sure!!

GretaB said...

Jack is one lucky guy! I really love how it turned out. Serves a great function plus looks awesome! The gears and arrows are the perfect touch. And the tub of necessities - genius!