Thursday, June 10, 2010

Oh Crap.....

I didn't remember this thing still existed until I received an email from my friend, Briana, who told me I better get to updating this or she will drop her stalking of me.  With that I suppose she will then remove the planned shrine of me from her blog.  An ego like mine will not let that happen.  HA!  This brings me to the realization that I have the best friends ever.  Not only are they fun, humorous and talented, but they also feel comfortable enough to kick me in the butt when need be and they don't mince words.  So here I am and while I haven't created too much as of lately, I have done a little.

The above were done for the current BASB challenge.  This time I am hosting and the challenge is to use frames or framing somehow on a layout or card.  Super easy challenge as I think most people in some way or another frame whether through actual frames or white space or any other inventive way.  The challenge is still open, so you have plenty of time to join in.  Deadline is June 14 at midnight central time.  Prize is a $10 gift certificate to Studio Calico, which happens to me my kind of Disney World without all the spinning tea cups.  I'm old.  I can no longer handle spinning.

Other than a bit of scrapping, I have been busy weeding my gardens.  It seems I took last summer off.  You do that and you might as well start over.  A few years ago I wanted to remove all the grass in my yard and install gardens, so I did.  I now want to remove all the gardens and install grass.  Everybody warned me, but I am a stubborn cuss.  The above is the only part of my yard I feel proud enough of to show off.  That was a couple weeks ago.  It's now de-petaled and hanging limply.  Peonies need to last longer.

Other recent happenings:

He turned 13.  Ack.....13.  He loves learning about WWII, flight simulators, P51 Mustangs, Legos, Nintendo DS, laughing, hanging out with friends and playing soccer.  Girls are still weird.  I give it three months and that opinion will change. 

We found a new pet.  For two days.  He now lives with 400 of his friends at the Wildlife Rehab Center.

Out of the blue she decided to give softball a try.  She choose this over soccer.  WOW.  Huge shock.  She loves softball.  Either that or she loves the social part of it.  Does it really matter which one at the age of 7?

He wants a puppy.  Would someone just give this kid a puppy? Other than yearning for one he is still trying to find his niche in the world of sports.  Karate may be the answer.  Until then he will swim until he grows fins and play his Nintendo DS until he is grounded.  Yikes.

He turned 21 and promptly proved his age by bringing home liquor and offering it to every non-drinker over the age of 21 at his party.  Poor guy is surrounded by fuddy duddies. Found out today that he will graduate from the U of MN early.  I am so proud of him. This summer he will spend his time at a popular local lake.  Nope.  Not R&R.  He is interning for the DNR and will be checking each water craft for mussels and milfoil. 

He turned 18 and then graduated.  Sigh.  Time flies.  I have never seen somebody so happy to graduate in my entire life.  The smile never left his face.  A smile didn't leave my face either.  I will miss him when he heads to college next year.  Until that time he will fill his summer with drum corp, parades and playing in a jazz ensemble with his older brother. 

Speaking of jazz ensemble, I was able to see them perform at a local coffee shop on Memorial Weekend.  Our group made them play requests much to their chagrin.  You boys better learn Take the A Train.  That is my next request.  BTW...they sounded awesome!

So that is that with them.  About me....

The pool is open.  Patio time with the fun neighbors has started.  The carhops at Sonic know me by my first name.  Summer is in full swing.

I am also in the middle of a renovation of my scrap area.  That all started with the purchase of an Expedit shelving unit from Ikea.  Dang Ikea.  I think this is an endless project.  If you don't see me here in a month, contact Briana to kick me in the behind.  She's good at that.♥


Brianaj said...

a ha ha ha ha! I'm laughing my butt off. Uh oh. Yeah, I'm glad you updated cause you were close to getting the urinal, missy! ; ) I've got to get a dedication going most quickly now for this! You have earned your number 1 spot back on my stalking list. Sorry Bill Murray. Ha!

It's nice to see updates and photos of all the kids. Love the jazz band pic with the hipsta.

And your challenge pages = total awesomeness. The paper frills one is so unusual and eye catching and luscious color combos. Love that you made them gently wave and no be straight which is what I would have boringly done.

You will have to check back to my blog soon. I will have a surprise waiting for you ; )

Why the H can't I get my password right! Argh.

Brianaj said...

well, clarification - I never would have come up with the paper frills idea - I just meant had you told me to do that - I would not have done it so cool. I'm such a dork. You know that though - and you still like me. Amazing.

Christa said...

You must be so proud of all your kiddos!!! Great photos of them too!
And I don't want to think about weeding yards! We are moving back to our home that was a rental and I'm a bit skeered!

Jen Thompson said...

All I was thinking throught this entire post was "are those Doodlebug frills on that layout"?? I still have those and I remember how much I loved them (so much that I didn't use them hardly lol).

Briana Johnson said...

I'm watching you. LOL! Got that gift card holder done yet? Huh? Huh?